Extension to Auto Save CSS and JS changes through Inspector

Hey web developers, many of us use this workflow when designing a page:
1- Write the initial HTML skeleton for the site
2- Add your base code, like H5B or anything equivalent.
3- Iterate your scripts, html, styles, till you get it right. (test with Dev Tools)
4- Refresh your browser to apply those changes.
5- Repeat 3.

This new extension simplifies this web design workflow by allowing all the CSS/JS changes you do in the Chrome Developer Tools window to persist locally. So you don't have to go back and apply your changes again.

Client: https://github.com/NV/chrome-devtools-autosave
Server: https://github.com/NV/chrome-devtools-autosave-server

It only works on Chrome 15 with the experimental flag turned on (about:flags), it uses the new Extension API for Dev Tools!

Thanks to +Nikita Vasilyev for the extension and +Addy Osmani for the screencast below!
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