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Extension to Auto Save CSS and JS changes through Inspector

Hey web developers, many of us use this workflow when designing a page:
1- Write the initial HTML skeleton for the site
2- Add your base code, like H5B or anything equivalent.
3- Iterate your scripts, html, styles, till you get it right. (test with Dev Tools)
4- Refresh your browser to apply those changes.
5- Repeat 3.

This new extension simplifies this web design workflow by allowing all the CSS/JS changes you do in the Chrome Developer Tools window to persist locally. So you don't have to go back and apply your changes again.


It only works on Chrome 15 with the experimental flag turned on (about:flags), it uses the new Extension API for Dev Tools!

Thanks to +Nikita Vasilyev for the extension and +Addy Osmani for the screencast below!
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