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Mister High Def Provides Audiovisual Solutions for the Workplace with New Products
Companies Can Become Better Connected through These Great Audiovisual Options

Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2015 -- The workplace is more connected than ever before thanks to intercoms, internal networking and integrated technologies that allow for seamless communication. Companies that want to stay current and operate at maximum efficiency need to be making these technologies a part of their workplace. Mister High Def is one of the lending companies that both designs and installs these networking tools for commercial properties.

They have years of experience in setting up audiovisual systems and integrated networks. They know how to make a communication system that operates flawlessly and does not get in the way of the work that needs to be done. They are also experienced at providing technological solutions to common workplace problems.

For meeting rooms that often hold unproductive meetings that fail to motivate employees, Mister High Def can install large screens and speaker systems to ensure that everyone is able to see and hear what is being discussed. They can also set up microphone systems to ensure that everyone can communicate easily, no matter how large the meeting room is.

And for offices that need a secure local network, Mister High Def can also design a network specifically for the client. Their integrated systems are crafted to meet the needs of their customers and to function in an efficient manner. A network such as this can help companies improve communications, increase security and speed up productivity. 

This company offers a host of other audiovisual and security measures that can help businesses to operate with less interference. The systems they install ensure that companies are able to succeed in a modern age and to stay competitive and current.

About Mr. High Def
For years, Mr. High Def has been the leading name in home theater and quality surround sound systems. Their expertise and competitive prices have made them the premier choice for consumers looking to enjoy the latest technology and to receive professional services in audiovisual design and installation.

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Omnivest Holdings Makes Business Loans Easier Than Ever to Procure
Small Businesses Now Able to Get the Funding They Require

Manhattan, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2015 -- Small businesses are finding an easier way to get the money they need when they need it. Through Omnivest Holdings, businesses of all sizes are able to get loans quickly and make the investments and seize the business opportunities that will mean the most to their company.

Small businesses often struggle to get the funding they need in a timely manner. Bank loans can take a while to process, and in that time, important business opportunities can fall through and revenue can be lost. Omnivest Holdings understands the urgency with which many small businesses operate. That is why they focus on providing loans to these businesses in the most expedient manner possible.

Even finding out how large of a loan can be taken out is simple through Omnivest Holdings. There, consumers can fill out a quick application that shows them exactly how much money they are eligible for. And many times they will be accepted for a loan through this company when banks would turn them down for the same amount of money.

It creates an opportunity for many businesses that they would not otherwise have. This is especially true for businesses that require a cash influx very quickly to make important purchases or to just keep afloat. The approval process is very fast, and many customers are actually surprised by how quickly they can receive the money. And the funds are deposited directly into their bank accounts, allowing for instant access.

Omnivest Holdings also ensures that its clients pay no hidden fees. All fees are made apparent and detailed before any transaction takes place so that businesses can get the money they need without any unpleasant surprises. 

About Omnivest 
Omnivest Holdings specializes in providing financing for businesses that are seeking an alternative to bank loans.

Optionrise Partners with Education Company Investview
Partnership between Educational Companies Greatly Improves Their Value to Consumers

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2015 -- OptionRise is making a name for itself as company that educates its consumers about controlling their finances. Even though the company is made up of industry professionals, they seemed to realize early on that they would need some help in effectively educating their clients about financial strategies.

Shortly after the company was founded, its leadership latched onto Investview, another financial education company. The hope is that together they will be better able to provide value to their customers and create the definitive financial education programs in the world.

While their programs are mostly aimed at people with little financial education and little to no background in investing, they also offer more advanced educational options for those wanting to improve on their current knowledge bases.

Beyond simply educating their clients, the company also provides a number of tools to help new investors make wise financial decisions. These tools include Optonrise's expert picks for stock market investments and analyzers that look at the market and predict where smart investing will pay off. These are the kinds of tools that can really lend a hand to people who struggle to know where to make their first investments, and they are ideally suited for new investors.

Beyond courses and analytical tools, Optionrise also offers hands on, personal guidance. Their hotline is open to those who require financial advice, and it provides investing tips and insider information directly from those who know the industry best. While most people will receive the education and help they need from the courses and be able to make the tools work for them, others will need a little more personal guiding. 

The stock market courses are multi-tiered. No matter what level a customer feels they are at in their financial education, there is a course designed to offer them instruction and guidance to move onto the next level. In the end , the partnership between these two companies is about helping people become better, smarter investors and giving them the tools they need to make the kinds of decision that positively affect their lives and their futures.

About OptionRise
OptionRise offers coaching, targeted teaching, and courses related to the options stock market. It is a business that has been designed by traders, for traders to make learning the stock market easy and fun.

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Top Dog Dinners Hosts Doggie Palooza in Florida
Doggie Palooza Offers Great Fun and Canine Education for Visitors

Patchogue, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2015 -- Top Dog Dinners if offering canine lovers of all kinds an opportunity to have a lot of fun with their pets and other pet owners. And at the same time, they will be educating visitors about canine health.

This is all part of the Doggie Palooza, taking place in Plantation, Florida during an as-yet unannounced weekend. Dog lovers are invited to come out to the event and share in a host of entertaining activities. These include a photo contest, dart competitions and all sorts of raffles and giveaways. The winners will be gifted any number of great prizes, including dog toys, collars, leashes, and plenty of dog food.

This is not the first of these events to be hosted by the prestigious dog food manufactures. They have had these events before to much success. Dog owners came out in droves to meet other like-minded pet owners, have a day of fun and activities and to learn about taking care of their pets. The event proved to be both entertaining and educational for many of them.

Top Dog Dinners has already made a name for itself as a company that truly cares about its clients' dogs. Their food is specially formulated to match the nutritional needs of each dog. They do not mass produce their food, which gives them the ability to cater the food they do produce to each individual animal. This process takes into account the activity levels of the animals, what breed of dog they are, what their dietary needs are and more factors that determine just what food is right for the animal.

This lets them to make food that maximizes its nutritional benefits for the dogs. And in the end, it makes for healthier, happier and longer-lived dogs. And the company has make continuous efforts to educate dog owners about the kinds of foods they are feeding their pets and about how important it is to control what their animals are eating.

Top Dog Dinners has been at the forefront of raising awareness about canine health and what exactly goes into dog food. Their customers appreciate them for their dedication to the cause, and these paloozas have helped them to reach even more people. Each event allows them to educate larger groups of people on canine health and proper nutrition habits. 

The Doggie Palooza is a weekend show, and its current popularity has resulted in more shows being announced. Dog lovers who want to have some fun with their pets and with other pet owners are urged to seek out these events. Visitors are likely to learn a lot about what their dogs eat and what kinds of nutrients the can benefit from.

More information about Doggie Palooza, proper canine nutrition and a variety of products to promote such nutrition can be found at There, visitors can order food made specifically for their dogs and find out what exactly their dogs should be eating. 

About Top Dog Dinners
Top Dog Dinners is a premium custom dog food brand that manufactures their products in the USA.

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Top Dog Dinners Helps Fight Canine Obesity
Dog Food Manufacture Makes Its Consumers Aware of the Dangers of Overweight Dogs

Patchogue, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2015 -- Many dog owners are not aware of the difference that healthy meals can make in their dogs' health. And many more may not even realize that their dog is overweight. Top Dog Dinners is educating people on how healthy dogs are supposed to look. And with so many consumers saying that their dogs are just fine when statistics show otherwise, it only goes to prove that the information is vital.

Obesity in dogs can be caused by a number of factors. These include a lack of exercise, poor nutrition and overfeeding. What dogs eat plays a large part in determining how healthy they are and how close their weight is to the ideal. That is why Top Dog Dinners is so committed to making its meals as beneficial as they can to each dog's long-term health.

The company constantly advises consumers that not all dogs can eat the same foods or the same meals and be expected to be fit and healthy. Each dog, even within the same breed, has individual dietary needs. The company makes it its priority to determine what each of its clients' dogs require as far as nutrients. This allows them to make meals that cater specifically to each dog.

Canine obesity is a serious problem, and it can lead to early death, heart problems and a decline in quality of life for the animals as they age. Pet owners who want to take care of their dogs are advised to feed them fully-balanced meals that give the dogs all the nutrients they require. Top Dog Diners offers such meals, and they can be the key to ensuring that dogs live long and healthy lives.

About Top Dog Dinners
Top Dog Dinners is a premium custom dog food brand that manufactures their products in the USA.

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Top Dog Dinners Releases List of Foods Harmful to Dogs

Patchogue, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2015 -- Many dog owners treat their dogs like people. And while the dogs may enjoy the special treatment, it can be dangerous to assume that what is healthy for humans will be fine for dogs. Even some foods that don't cause an immediate negative reaction can cause damage over the long term.

Top Dog Dinners has released their list of some of the most harmful foods to dogs, and many dog owners will be surprised at some of the items on the list. Many of them are perfectly healthy and fine for humans to consume. But because dogs' digestive systems work differently, the effects of some foods on them can be quite severe.

The list warns that foods like avocados and dairy products can cause diarrhea. And more extreme problems can be caused by raisins and grapes. Both of them can create liver damage in dogs. Other culprits include alcohol, mushrooms, macadamia nuts, and some types of poultry. The full list can be found over at 

But the experts there warn consumers that if they are not sure about what foods will be harmful to their dogs, they should consult with the professionals at the site before feeding it to their pets. The company specializes in carefully balanced meals for dogs that are specially created for each individual dog. These meals are sent to the clients and contain essential nutrients to help dogs develop properly and to receive all the nutrition that they need.

About Top Dog Dinners
The company provides an alternative to store-bought foods that have questionable nutritional value. Their meals are design to be ideally suited to each client's dog.

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MacroCrowd Attends the 2nd Annual US–Mexico Real Estate Investment Summit

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2015 -- Topics discussed included how energy reform was shaping real estate in Mexico, how the industrial sector is growing and above all, the new investment opportunities in both Mexico and the US.

"The event was a success as MacroCrowd was able to take part in these discussions and lay the ground work for the new relationships in a growing economy, said Richard Summa, Partner and Chief Operating Officer of MacroCrowd. "These relationships will help create avenues for Macrocrowd to acquire properties in Mexico as well as reach a growing community of new investors".

Building on the fact that MacroCrowd is able to accept both accredited and non-accredited investors as well as assisting foreign investors without restrictions, MacroCrowd provides a new, focused approach to real estate investing bringing integrity and clarity to its investors. 

MacroCrowd provides a contemporary link between operator and shareholder, and shareholder and property, operating with complete transparency delivering considerable returns for both operators and investors.

"Our main goal at the Summit was to educate this prestigious group about who MacroCrowd is and why our platform is best suited for their needs", explained Summa. 

MacroCrowd gives even the small investor the opportunity to invest in real estate directly in your city, and even your neighborhood. Whether you've ever wanted to own a store, an office building, or even a strip mall, MacroCrowd can make it possible. Your investment with MacroCrowd comes with more than the potential for profit, too. It also makes a meaningful contribution to local property values and quality-of-life where you live and work.

MacroCrowd works with hundreds, or even thousands, of investors on each individual property. We harness this combined buying power to bring you opportunities in commercial real estate that were once available only to institutional investors. MacroCrowd also lets you control and follow your investments online and receive potential quarterly cash distributions and property appreciation. MacroCrowd – The Superior Real Estate Investment Choice. For more information visit us at

About US-Mexico Real Estate Investment Summit 2015
The USMCOC-Northeast Chapter presents the annual US-Mexico Real Estate Investment Summit 2015. Recognized specialists from Mexico and the USA will deliver a comprehensive analysis of Mexico's Real Estate market, the current situation, outlook and its relation with the United States Learn about business opportunities in real estate in Mexico open for USA and international industry players as well as comprehend trends and innovation on investing and financing real estate in Mexico Come for prime networking opportunities with individuals currently participating or interested in the Mexican real estate market, including real estate specialists, institutional investors, bankers and developers from Mexico and the United States.

Discussion Topics
US & Mexico New Investment Opportunities
Investing & Financing through International and Domestic Capital Markets
Financial Innovation and Structuring of Real Estate Transactions
Effects of the Energy Reform on Mexican Real Estate
Growth and Consolidation of the Industrial Sector

Speakers Included
German Ahumada, President, Artha Capital Mx
Dirk Aulabaugh, Senior Director, Green Street Advisors NY
Jorge Avalos, President, Fibra Monterrey Mx
Pedro Azcue, President, Jones Lang LaSalle Latin America
Martin Bruehl, Head of Investment Management, Union Investment Germany
Wenceslao Bunge, Global Co-Head Real Estate Group, Credit Suisse
Stephen Collins, President, Americas Capital Markets Jones Lang LaSalle
Lyman Daniels, President CBRE Mexico
Tom Farrell, President, Tishman Speyer NY
Raul Gallegos, CEO, GE Mexico
Alex Gansh, Managing Director, Gresham Investment Management LLC
Hector Ibarzabal, President, Prologis Mexico
Victor Lachica, President, Cushman & Wakefield Mexico
Alfonso Munk, Chief Investor Officer, PREI Americas
Rick Ricker, President, Recihmann International
John Santora, President, Cushman & Wakefield Corporate Occupier & Investor Services
Guillermo Sepulveda, Director, DTZ Latin America
Miguel Torres, Managing Director, GE Capital Mexico
Luis Vielma, President, CBM

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