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Bliss Bound Hound’s ‘Delivery’ BlissCare Helps Dogs, Owners, and the Earth

    Oakland, CA - San Francisco Bay Area dog care start-up Bliss Bound Hound are continuing in the tradition of other famous start-ups from the region that has produced Apple, Facebook, Google, and so many other brands we couldn’t imagine living without today. They are setting out to do nothing short of revolutionizing their core industry. Until now, dog ownership  has required dealing with a number of frustrations that no owner has been able to avoid. For one, dog care companies have historically focused on only one or two service categories, meaning dog owners and their dogs have to deal with many different people and companies to get all of the services they need. In addition, most dog care providers also expect the client to handle dog transport. Last (but certainly not least), large unexpected costs, like a visit to the vet clinic or grooming, have made the cost of dog ownership unpredictable at best. Bliss Bound Hound is changing all of this by offering comprehensive care that includes free dog transport or in-home service, and monthly service plans that work for any budget and eliminate unexpected expenses. It’s one of those great ideas that seems so obvious, but actually is not. It turns out that Bliss Bound Hound is the first company ever to offer their brand of comprehensive ‘dog care delivery’ service and a discounted monthly package format.

    Traditionally, dog care companies only offer one or two types of dog care. For example, dog sitting services augment their income by offering walks. Some veterinarians offer kenneling services. Bliss Bound Hound is offering comprehensive dog care, including exercise, daycare, sitting, training, grooming, and basic veterinary care. “We developed our service categories based on direct client feedback,” says Julie Kane, co-founder and president of Bliss Bound Hound. The company is offering a convenient single point of contact for dog care, making paying and ordering easy for people. Scientific evidence proves that creating a single caregiver relationship can also have a positive impact for an animal. It can help with treating canine anxiety and other behavioral problems. “What we found as we looked more deeply into the idea of providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ kind of experience was that there was a lot more reason to do this than just the business case. This is also a very beneficial approach for dogs at a time when statistics  show an increase around dog anxiety and negative behavior. Once we looked at the issues surrounding this approach more closely we realized that this is something we just had to do,” she says.

    Traditional dog care basically requires vehicle ownership, with care providers placing the responsibility for dog transport on the shoulders of their customers. Bliss Bound Hound provide free transportation of the dogs being served or provide services in-home. “There are a couple issues at play here,” says Paul Kott, co-founder and CEO of Bliss Bound Hound, “on one hand there is the issue of customer convenience. On the other hand, there are some serious questions about the psychological impact some remote services have on dogs. For example, there is plenty of data suggesting that, for a variety of reasons, doggie daycare facilities can often actually have a pretty significant negative impact on a dog, even creating serious behavioral and anxiety problems. Providing dog day care in-home and socializing dogs on managed romps and walks instead of using a remote facility is one example of how we can really make a positive difference in a dog’s life too.” Bliss Bound Hound also underscore the positive impact their means of transporting dogs has on reducing carbon output. “My dad is a transportation planner, and I grew up hearing about issues like global warming and alternative transportation. Part of Bliss Bound Hound’s mission is to provide ethical leadership in our communities, and reducing carbon emissions by ‘carpooling’ our dogs can have a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

    Uncertainty around dog care costs, due in part to the fragmented nature of the dog care industry, has always been an unfortunate trademark of owning a dog. There has been no way to easily manage and predict the expenses you will incur as a dog owner. “We believe that dog owners deserve to know what it will cost to own a dog,” says Kott. “Dog ownership is an important part of the human experience. We want to provide reasonable price points and convenient service that help make responsible dog ownership accessible to everyone.” Bliss Bound Hound also describe the advantage of a fixed monthly rate when compared to a pay-as-you go approach to dog care. “We are able to bundle rates and discount services across the board, which is an ability unique to our company,” say Kott. “So many clients have told us horror stories about getting hit with surprise vet bills to cover new prescription flea treatments or when their dog develops hot spots that require a vet visit. Our monthly care packages cover our clients and defend them from unexpected costs like that.”

    Bliss Bound Hound’s new BlissCare monthly plans are currently listed in their website’s store, and the service goes live on January 1st, 2016. It’s an exciting moment in dog care, with multiple problem areas for dog owners being tackled at once. With their brand of complete ‘delivery dog care’ and monthly BlissCare packages, Bliss Bound Hound are revolutionizing an industry in dire need of change. By delivering greater access to dog ownership for the carbon negative generation, Bliss Bound Hound are building a road to the future for the continuity of the relationship between humans and dogs. Making the cost of dog ownership more predictable and giving dog owners the opportunity to shop for a plan that fits their budget will allow dog owners to finally begin to attach a fixed cost to responsible dog ownership. Bliss Bound Hound is definitely the Silicon Valley solution to dog ownership’s problems, and prove that great ideas are still being produced in the San Francisco Bay Area’s start-up hub.
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