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Fabian Gitonga
I will try till I can't no more
I will try till I can't no more

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At times I look at +google and I wonder whose bright idea for social media this was.

my chrome has so many apps its now loading slower than the comp booting

compiled my cv and sent it to apple just for the heck of it

+Joel Muthee try out the shredder chess on google apps I think its impressive

I am probably the newest google apps junkie. One more reason why I will not buy a google phone. In other news I just beat google shredder at chess. Turns out it let me win

\so this guy with only person in a circle already wants to know how to block people. How annoying is this guy anyway???

After G+ invaded my privacy I finally accepted to go to bed with it. I think strange bed fellows we are. May the force be with you

tired and pissed off. Enjoyed the movies though

Still getting used to +Fabian invading my mail. I feel exposed
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