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Even if the whole world deny you, you have to believe in yourself. Not to think about the opinions of others, the words of others are but dust in the sunshine, the next second was blown away. This is your life, no one can get involved, in addition to yourself, no one is not important. Sad, enjoy the cry of panic, the tears dry, upward smile is still brilliant. Went ahead to stimulate the enthusiasm of the life. The young are not afraid to fall, forever, to make you live very beautiful, very beautiful!
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+lang liu  给自己的鼓励吧  但可以一点一点的靠近,虽然达不到100%
i am going to use this for school i hope it is okay with you
thank you by the way are you korean i have a friend and i am trying to learn the language 
i was wondering if you could help since you guys have the same last name :)
how come you have a picture of a girl if you are a girl and why is your name candice :) but i would love to learn chinese to since i heard it is really hard can you teach me a few words or sentences 
+Candice Liu 应该让他从国骂开始,这样子比较接近普通群众
can you like write the word in like english way so i can read it 
no i mean like this gusnais that means goodnight in korean i think
早上好:good morning: zao sun hall 
how do you say i love you in chinise or will you be my boyfriend
+Sumeya Jama  i love u : 我爱田野 ,  will you be my boyfriend : 田野做我男朋友好吗?
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