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PART 1: “I just starred on, as she kissed the groom. The whole
church applauded and I did too, albeit unconsciously. As the newly wedded
walked down the aisle together, I hoped desperately, that somehow, by some
stroke of luck or as a sign that we were inde...

If it were a painting, it would be as beautiful as Da Vinci's Monalisa
If it were a sculpture, it would be every inch as perfect as Michelangelo's David
If it were among the wonders of the world, it would be as amazing, as the Leaning Tower of Pisa
But it's just an article and I'm yet to come across many, so well written

Beautiful, creative, thought-provoking all in one piece. It will prick your soul, it will bring tears to your eye, it will keep you spellbound and above all else, it'll bring a smile to your face.

Rise, Shine and Set!
Another great article, with love from Nickz

Why do I have the feeling that they tied the knot after few months of dating? Don't rush into any marriage for any reason. Your marriage should be filled with bliss not regrets.

And they lived happily ever after...someone was shot before then though #spoileralert

Ghen 'haf' finish. I will share every episode from Episode 1-21 this week

Ghen 'haf' finish. Will be sharing every episode from 1-21 this week

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To every incoming otondo, have fun while you're in camp. You can only go to camp once
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