The Asus Chromebox with coreboot and a standard Linux distro makes a great little server for USD $169. After upgrading RAM and SSD, I've now got the software environment I want. Ubuntu 14.04 Server with libvirt/KVM virtualization and Kimchi for web-based management of VMs.

The image is a nice boring display of the Chromebox and two VMs not doing much of anything. One of them is my incoming mail server (postfix + spamassassin + dovecot + sieve). Mostly idling is just the way I like it. Low power usage. +Yan-Fa Li says idle as low as 4W. I haven't got my setup on the Kill-A-Watt yet to check and optimize.

I'm liking the coreboot/Linux Chromebox so much I've just ordered a second for a home storage and media server to replace my aging and underpowered Synology NAS. Don't tell too many people about the non-Chrome OS applications of these boxes or the OEMs and Google will have to wreck it!

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