I've started looking again at workarounds for getting data relating to listings of OU/BBC co pro items currently available on iPlayer...

...so here's a scraperwiki attempt at that. The scraper runs once a day, so should be reasonably up to date if i keep my bookmarked list of OU/BBC co-pros up-to-date.

I also popped up a Scraperwiki view that gives some sort of listing of the currently available content. Note that the order is based on the reverse order in which I've bookmarked series, rather than anything sensible.

I maybe need to add in a timestamp column relating to how long the content is available for, and then order the content depending on how long the programme has left to run (shortest duration at the top).

It'd probably make sense for to use a sortable table too...

If you want to hack around with the scraperwiki or the view to improve it, please feel free to do so:-)
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