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I hack.
I hack.

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Hey +Chris Messina +Bob Aman etc., when is Hangout support coming to G+ mobile, so I can throw a "Stranded in the Airport" party? :-)

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When is the public going to wake up and throw TSA out of the US? (Assuming doesn't solve the problem first.)

Finished getting all my stuff shipped, thanks to +John Linwood Griffin and his Golf. Now back to packing-- leaving FL tomorrow, at last.

Post has attachment is completely awesome-- count me in for printing a bunch of these and bringing them to Defcon/BlackHat.

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Seems like simply points out exactly the problem with mandatory minimum sentencing (in this case, CA's 3 strikes law)-- a minor criminal has no reason not to kill everyone if it might help him escape.

Getting my rig ready for Defcon and BlackHat; currently I have an iPad, iPhone, Dreamplug (plus USB hub and three wifi adapters), 18AH battery, and Yaesu VX-8DR all neatly concealed within my ScotteVest. Only remaining item: convince one of the sellers of (military) multiband body-worn antennas to sell me one so I don't have any antennae showing.

I love being a nerd.

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I've really enjoyed racing in FL-- not NASCAR crap, but really terrible cars they do here called "Bombers"; you take mid-80s boats and put the pedal down with no regard for life or limb. Good times.

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