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Barnaby Davies
Inspiration, not perspiration!
Inspiration, not perspiration!

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Top tip #3 - give network diagrams a chance
There's quite a treasure trove of project management tools which are left mouldering unloved and unused. Some deservedly so, but none less deservedly than the humble network diagram. Indulge me for a moment longer before you yawn and move elsewhere. You may...

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Is that a project manager or a product manager you're after?
I typically do quite long stints with clients. This enables me to approach the market every 2-3 years with a clean pair of eyes and some ability to discern how it has (or has not changed). And, I observe a dominant trend in the market for project managers. ...

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Quotation incrustation (and a little inoculation)
Francis Bacon said, 'There arises from a bad and unapt formation of words a wonderful obstruction of the mind'.  And where better for a wonderful obstruction of the mind than the program kick-off meeting? A slide-deck which has been over worked, with pictur...

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That's agile with a small 'a' for me please
Business agility is a good thing. But that's not Agile project management. Agile working is probably a good thing in most cases, but that isn't Agile project management either. An agile mindset is more or less obligatory for the jobbing project manager - bu...

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Would you be comfortable with an independent audit of your CV?
Go for it - you'll be lucky to find a spelling mistake I'm okay about this - there's supporting evidence for most of it None of the above Some people might regard me (and many of those who share my views) as somewhat idealistic, potentially a little naive o...

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PMs probably aren't normally distributed
I probably ought to start out by suggesting that the content below isn't supported by a shred of evidence. Now, unhindered by the need for proof, let's move along. Let's create some arbitrary boundaries namely; does not meet requirements, meets requirements...

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A brisk whisk of risk
I've been in around change for a while. If you're reading this, I hazard you may have been too.  I'd like to ask three questions about risk. How much value or benefit do your current risk management activities add to your project or programme? How many of y...

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Top tip #2 - Resource modelling in MS Project
One of the more important (and somewhat intractable) questions in project management is "How long could it take...?". Intractable because in the absence of a data driven answer, one or other existing 'compelling' dates is summoned out of air and a general p...

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Put project controls where you need them...
Although a quantitative kind of project manager generally, my default isn't to measure everything to oblivion and beyond. There's reasons for that of course but there's probably something to be said for '...if you can't measure it, you can't manage it...' a...

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On making up words and other PM proclivities
When I hear Sir David Higgins speak, I prick up my ears, gag my son and turn up the radio. As a result, I'm an HS2 believer where before I was a naysayer. I also think his option to use the word use of the word 'deliverability' in a recent interview was, if...
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