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This is awesome!

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Regardless of where you sit on the fence about Microsoft, pretty amazing ideas to say the least. Brings to mind "American Look"

Anyone in the Chicago area interested in trying out a new tablet device tonight? Would only need about an hour of your time!

"In 1998, I found my self on the verge of a frightening reality. I was about to graduate with a near 6-figure debt and a piece of paper certifying me as a ‘Sculptor’. And that is why I started working with computers." -Robert Hodgin

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"Siri, when will the iPhone 5 be released?" has to be my favorite...

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Link says it all.

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511%.... when will things change? My guess is not before the bubble actually bursts...

Have an extra ticket to the Incubus concert (other person bailed on me) on Sunday and looking for a lucky someone to go with!

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It's International Beer Day! Sweet!

Dear CTA - I should not get off of a train when it is 82 degrees out and feel cooler. Please turn off the heat
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