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Center City Philadelphia Guitar Lessons
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338 S 16th St Philadelphia, PA 19102
338 South 16th StreetUSPennsylvaniaPhiladelphia19102
Guitar Instructor
I teach lessons (beginner-pro) in blues guitar technique, slide guitar (Allmans), Piedmont picking (Doc Watson), Folk, and unlocking the secrets to soloing through a new look at chordal substitutions.
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"I also told him I was interested in learning music theory."
"And if you're into bottleneck slide guitar, Ron's your man."
"I wanted to learn blues guitar and Ron developed his lesson plan around me."
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Joseph Moore's profile photo
Joseph Moore
4 months ago
Ron is truly helping me transform my playing and understanding of the guitar. Prior to moving to Philly I took lessons for three years, focusing mostly on learning songs and pentatonic leads, which was exactly what I had asked my previous tutor to teach me. Though I progressed quickly, I never really felt like I knew what I was doing -- I had a collection of puzzle pieces but I didn't know how they fit together. I came to Ron with a request: help me actually learn about and understand the guitar and music. Without a doubt, Ron delivered. From a practical point of view, Ron has taught me more about using the entire fretboard then I can possibly explain, especially learning intervals and finding (and connecting) chords up and down the neck. I no longer feel trapped inside the pentatonic boxes. Ron has an amazing depth of music theory and practical musical knowledge, but also the playing chops show you how to put it all to use. Here is just a partial list of topics we've covered (and are still diving deep into) recently: Major intervals, Minor intervals, relative Major and Minors, CAGED chords everywhere, 7th chords everywhere, and partial chords. That's just the past few months. A key for me each week is the "ah-ha!" moment. In almost every session Ron helps unlock a piece of understanding that had previously eluded me. For example, we've recently been working on intervals, and when he explained that certain intervals combinations were really partial parts of chords I already knew... "ah-ha!" the tumblers fell into place. This happens all the time. Not only does Ron have hard-learned musical knowledge, but he knows how to convey it in a way that makes sense and sticks with me. And if you're into bottleneck slide guitar, Ron's your man. I've only scratched the surface of his slide knowledge. Ron works me hard, which is what I need to progress. I plan on learning from Ron for years to come.
• • •
Julien Schremmer
a year ago
As a classically trained guitarist, it was not until my summer of lessons with Ron that I was able to truly understand the guitar neck. Every lesson with Ron gave me a new view of the guitar and understanding of songwriting. Although I took lessons with Ron for only a summer, after that summer I felt like a more advanced guitarist and a better musician. Ron communicates complicated topics with such clarity and energy that every lesson gave me weeks' worth of ideas to explore on the guitar. In particular, his lessons about chord inversions and modes changed the way I viewed the guitar neck and approached song-writing. Ron's knowledge of music and the structure behind it allows him to explain and answer questions with precision and introduce new ideas with ease, and this is the reason I recommend him highly as a guitar teacher.
• • •
Shelley Nash's profile photo
Shelley Nash
3 years ago
Ron Bennett is a great music teacher. I came to him with zero knowledge of guitar and he has patiently helped me to learn to play. He is unique in that he is willing to tailor his lessons and teaching style to the needs of the individual student. Ron has always worked with me both to develop appropriate technique but also to help strengthen the areas where I'm weak in a way that makes it fun and engaging. I've taken music lessons in the past, but Ron is turning me into a joyous musician in a way that my previous music teachers did not. Ron is more than just my music teacher, though; he was also the ceremony musician for my wedding in April 2012. Having heard him play during my lessons, I knew I wanted him to be a part of the wedding. Ron met with my husband and myself several times to discuss what we wanted, and then worked tirelessly to tailor the set to be EXACTLY what we requested. He even did research on different versions of songs we requested to make sure that he played the "best" one. He was perfect, and we got lots of compliments from guests about our "excellent choice of guitarists." My husband and I could not agree more. Far from being just a guitar teacher, Ron is also a fantastic musician. You don't always get that in a music teacher.
• • •
Brian Shafer
3 years ago
The life of a medical student is incredibly one-dimensional. Yes, we are afforded opportunities to participate in a myriad of extra-curricular activities, but they all share a common thread; they are all medically related. We constantly have the option to volunteer at a homeless shelter, work at a health clinic in an underserved area, teach school children about the benefits of eating healthy and exercising, and the list goes on and on. Of course I enjoy participating in these activities, and there is nothing more important than giving back, but I reached a point last year where I realized that my view on the world was becoming myopic. I had forgotten about all of the other things in my life, non-medically related, which gave my life depth beyond the scope of "Future Doctor." I have cultivated a passion for listening to music, especially live music, since early high school, but I never took up an instrument. When did I have time when spending all of those years trying to get into medical school!? I had dabbled with the guitar for a few years, but with few formal lessons all I really knew was how to play was some chords and a few riffs. I decided that perhaps learning how to play the guitar would make me feel more grounded. I asked around, surfed the web, and did some other research to find a good teacher. The name Ron Bennett showed up on multiple occasions. I decided to send Ron an email to inquire about lessons, doubtful that things would work actually work out as nicely as they did. Within a few hours, Ron sent me an email telling me to call him so we could talk about logistics. When I called, Ron was enthusiastic to hear from me. He proceeded to ask me a few questions about what kind of music I was interested in, and when I told him bluegrass, folk, and blues, I could feel his excitement on the other end of the line. I also told him I was interested in learning music theory. Ron spent the next five minutes encouraging me that I would notice a difference in my guitar playing within just a few weeks, and he assured me that he would guide me through the journey. His enthusiasm was infectious, and before I even met Ron I had nothing but positive feelings for him. I showed up to Ron's apartment a few days later ready for my first lesson, and when he opened the door I could tell that the enthusiasm on the phone was not forced. This guy is just genuinely excited to teach the guitar. He wants you to succeed just as much, if not more than you yourself want to success. After my first lesson, I felt 10 times more empowered on the guitar than an hour previously. Ron taught me some scales, refined some of my technical skills, and encouraged the hell out of me. Even though the guitar was always available for me to play, I was never confident in my abilities. I wasn't eager to pick up the guitar and fool around because I had reached a wall in learning on my own. Ron rapidly gave me the competence and confidence to want to play the guitar as much as possible. Practice was not just practice, it was playing. The man is a genius with the guitar, and he was capable of crafting his teaching method to match my learning style. When I think of Ron, I do not just think of "Ron my guitar teacher." Ron has become my mentor, therapist, and friend in addition to being my guitar instructor. My hour with Ron is always an unpredictable journey that can take us anywhere from home-made carbonated drinks to learning the importance of diminished chords to discussing Ron's love of animals. Ron's apartment is a safe place for scrutinizing the guitar while learning some of life's lessons. Within weeks, I felt balance in my life begin to restore. My thoughts and intentions were no longer just medically directed, but instead a new outlet became available. I tip my hat to Ron for providing my life with a new richness that was not there just a few months ago.
• • •
Tony Kauffman
a year ago
Lessons from Ron have been a great help for me in my role as a record producer. He has expanded my understanding of music theory and I've been able to apply the things I learn with Ron in the studio when I'm working with different artists. My songwriting abilities have improved with the different musical techniques I've learned. I expected to learn to play the guitar, but am learning a great deal more than just that. For the past 5 years I've worked for Philadelphia International Records, home of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, the creators of "The Sound of Philadelphia." Soul and R&B music holds a special place in my heart, and having a experience teacher who shares the same enthusiasm for this type of music makes my lessons a joy. I highly recommend Ron for anyone who has or is pursuing a career in music.
• • •
Ricardo Patton
a year ago
Ron is an incredible musician and instructor. When I first started lessons with Ron I had been playing guitar for several months and was ready to give up as I thought "maybe guitar just wasn't for me." After my first lesson with Ron my passion for guitar was ignited. He has a laid back yet diligent approach which immediately made me feel comfortable and inspired. Ron helped me view the fretboard in a different light and helped me to think outside the "box." Because of Ron, I am more confident as a musician and now have the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone. I highly recommend Ron Bennett as a guitar instructor.
• • •
John Hudome's profile photo
John Hudome
3 years ago
I highly recommend Ron Bennett as a guitar/music teacher. Over the past (almost) year, my playing has rapidly accelerated. I'm in my 50's and began playing as a child. I stopped for 25 years and picked it up again in Sept. 2011. I sought out Ron in Spring 2012 to speed my progress. He has assisted me in learning new approaches to some old things. He has opened up new playing avenues for me and broadened my musical knowledge. I have been playing out again in front of people. My play is confident. I thank Ron and credit him for his guidance, persistence, patience, humor and fun approach.
• • •
Julian Root
3 years ago
I first came to Ron when I was a sophomore at Temple University. All I knew about fingerpicking was that John Fahey blew my mind and I wanted to play like him. At the time, I didn't know that I was meeting the man who would be the key figure in reshaping my development as a musician. Ron not only got my thumb alternating on the bass and my fingers picking the treble, but he turned me on to numerous players and songwriters who have shaped my musical development since. Though I still love Fahey, Ron turned me on to the great playing of Blind Blake, Doc Watson, Tampa Red, Big Bill Broonzy, and many more. Thanks to Ron's fingerpicking tutelage, I now perform regularly as a solo guitar player, and as a member of the Philly-based bluegrass band Sour Mash. Though I play banjo with the band, I would not have developed that aspect of my playing without the fingerpicking dexterity that Ron developed in me. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of performing alongside Ron, and of the several hundred gigs I've performed in the last five years, not one of them has been devoid of Ron's influence. Ron will not only build a solid foundation for beginner guitar players, but he will maintain and nurture a meaningful relationship with players of all levels who are willing to commit the time needed to advance their playing. I am blessed to have Ron as an instructor, mentor, and friend.
• • •


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