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Fiverr is a great place to get affordable, quality service. Love it!

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Video of my band from a performance awhile ago, courtesy of Cloth Records on YouTube. Rock on!!!
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90 Fashion Trends of the 90's
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I put this together for a YouTube comment, but it seemed too good (or too long) to not share. haha
Someone wanted to know the real issues behind candidates, as opposed to just "soundbites" and the bullet points constantly provided by overzealous supporters and media. So, I put in my two cents.
Now, I am voting for Hillary Clinton, so if you don't like that, fine. But do not cover my page in hate or try to convince me not to vote for her. I am beyond that point.
I honestly just hope this can help some undecided voters and inspire people to become better informed.
These are not ALL of my sources that I have used in my months and months of research on the candidates, but they are some that I thought would be easy for others to read, digest, and really understand, no matter what their educational background may be. If you are genuinely interested in other sources, perhaps I can provide those too. But for now, here is my YouTube comment:

"I voted for Bernie in the primaries, but I am voting for Hillary for President.
Here are her stances on major issues from her website:
Some info. on her feelings about Marijuana Use / Legalization:
(This is an important issue for me as a medical marijuana patient. I wish she was as open to legalization and the re-scheduling of marijuana as Bernie is, but I am glad that she is making progress in this area, as she knows that the country as a whole is leaning towards legalization, or at least decriminalization and/or approved medical use.)
Some of her voting history:
An uncomplicated, simplified view of where her money comes from:
Same for where Trump's money comes from: (Topping the list: America's biggest Coal Company... NOT cool in my eyes. I want alternative energies, green energies and industries, and environmental protections. How could he possibly do that when he accepts the money and sponsorship of Murray Energy?)
Trump's voting history: (I'll save you the trouble of clicking... he has none. I personally don't want a President who has no idea how the system works and has never had to make tough decisions and vote on an issue in government, but what do I know...)
You can also learn more about the candidates and who you align with here: (I personally match up best with Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein - 99%, followed by a distant 3rd: Gary Johnson - 47%. My Trump Score: 5%)
I would recommend checking out Snopes as well:
Snopes: Tag: Hillary Clinton:
Snopes: Tag: Donald Trump:
And as for Jill Stein. I like her, but she does not have the power to win or achieve much change even if she did win right now, due to the messy state of our government. However, she is paving the way for change, much like Bernie Sanders, and perhaps someday, in the near future, a third party President will be possible. I simply do not think that that time is now.
And Gary Johnson? I like that he supports marijuana, but I don't see him as a viable third option either. He has nothing really new to add to the political conversation and he is completely out of touch when it comes to foreign policies, immigration, world leaders, and world trade. (And I know it seems like a soundbite, but really? He doesn't know what / where Aleppo is? And he wants to be President? GTFO Gary... I'll still hang w/ you & share a J, but I can't keep allowing you to think you could possibly run this country...)
For more on why you should not vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson:
And for more info. on ALL the candidates:
Definitely cross reference and double and triple check sources as you delve into all of the crazy information available on the web. Some of these things I have shared are opinion pieces, but they are well informed and well written. The other stuff should be fact, but like I said, double and triple check.
Our votes matter and our voices matter. The more we learn about the candidates and the issues, the better.
Best of luck to all of the undecided voters out there - I hope that you will make the most informed choice you can, and that you rely on your intelligence and rational thinking, along with your emotional and moral leanings, to vote in a way that you can feel proud of.
I hope this helps."

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Great #song  supporting a great #cause  
#invisibleillness   #chronicpain   #chronicillness   #fibromyalgia   #fibro   #spoonies  
As a #zebra   #warrior  myself (Ehler's Danlos Syndrome) #EDS  - I understand the pain, the fear, the hurt, the confusion, & the every day struggle that is invisible illness...
This song is beautiful.
#IstraBlue   #MichiganMusic   #musicvideo   #music   #charity  

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Updates to my band's website! :)

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Recommendations for wine to enjoy along with our tunes... +odds fish! 
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Me & my band doing a cover of "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode
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Upcoming shows for +odds fish! 
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