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Sue Simpson
Blending Strength and Courage with Generosity of Spirit and Compassion
Blending Strength and Courage with Generosity of Spirit and Compassion

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"I can do it all by myself"
It usually happens about the age of two going onto three. You hear that small voice say, "I can do it all by myself".  Independence begins.  A sense of power for not needing the help. A sense

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Give yourself some space to feel...
But.... Won't it make me weak if I cry? I'm disappointed and I 'shouldn't' feel this way. Won't God be mad at me for being angry about ... I'm 'not suppose' to feel envy. I'm afraid if I allow these feelings, I'll never quit. Truth is - Crying doesn't make ...

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Two Day Women's Retreat with Studio 1010
Refuel Your Focus and Ignite Your Passion Two Day Retreat. Discover the Power of Being  and Lift Off There's a deep yearning within your soul that's dying to come out and Take Flight. What is it?  You may know yet quietly doubt is still lingering. The unear...

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Is there benefits in being the energizer bunny in Life Work Balance? Do you keep going and going and going..
One of the things I hear most often from my clients and students is, "how do I shut it off?" Especially if they work from home. The secret is....take time off and make it a habit. The more you practice shutting off the creativity that goes into running your...

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Perception is everything, isn't it.
When you look at this picture, do you see weeds or  flowers? What if I told you a very sweet three year old boy went out in his yard and picked these especially for his grandma? Perception is everything, isn't it. I'll admit, when I look at my yard and see ...

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Are You Holding Back on Your Creativity?
Creativity lives and breathes in each of us. Many of us express our creativity through art: painting, writing, drawing, etc. If you are feeling stuck in your creative journey, ask yourself if any of the following three things are what is keeping you stuck.....

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Owning your own business can be a balancing act. With clarity and a vision the balancing act can all come together for your greater good. When my children we little I had an in home business. In time I became a Sales Director and even drove a free car! How ...

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Ever feel lonely or blue? Fear or Uncertainty? You're not alone.
As a Self Development Coach I work with clients and students on exposing and engaging with their inner core. Who they truly are.  That can sound funny to some. What do you mean, "who they truly are?"  So many people are living as a drone. Living the way the...

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"You were meant to succeed"
You may need to do a little digging and ask yourself, "what does success mean to me", before you find success. All to often I see  clients operate  their lives, their business, use their creativity from a place of  should, rules,  and  'this is the way'.  R...

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Guest Post: President and Founder of Smart Creative Mompreneur, Charlotte Duzong
As president and founder of Smart Creative
Mompreneur , Charlotte Duzong helps busy mom entrepreneurs run their
home and business efficiently so they can work more productive, make more money
in their business and spend quality time with their family. Click...
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