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Bronius Motekaitis
Family man, musician, entrepreneur
Family man, musician, entrepreneur

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Thanks for your patience (and reminder and for putting together a photo book!!).  Is this a better way to share with you?  Now they're a bit more curated, and I can ship them in any other way you might prefer.

In some cases, there are similar photos (like one scenic, one with person).  Just wanted to provide the fodder for the master to do her thing.  Also, I included some panoramics shots: I have not idea how they might come across, but knowing how lousy we are about printing photobooks, it should would be great to have these kinds of memories in there as well-- what a beautiful visit it was, in every aspect!

2014 Eugene, Oregon
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How hot is a Texas night?

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"Hey Anita- Remember that time I wore a tie?  When was that...  oh here it is!"

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Cowboy nap

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Thought I'd lost this Labs feature to provide <strike>strikethrough</strike> text in gmail-- turns out it's a Chrome plugin, and I have it again! :D Happy.
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