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Pictures, pictures and more pictures
For those of you sick of the text-heavy blog posts, this one is for you.  Posting pictures is hard when your only internet connections are a glorified fax machine and an intermittently successful 3G connection on your phone. I have a few pictures left over ...

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Sunshine in Seattle
Adam and I are still in shock. First, we have never felt so loved in our lives!  Thank you for all of the support, phone calls, care packages, dinner parties, slip decorations and miles traveled by some of our guests over the last week to welcome us back to...

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Home Again, Home Again
We have made it!  After a long night of motoring we entered the Straight of San Juan de Fuca shortly after sunrise yesterday, Wednesday, August 13.  True to Seattle form it was raining, and continued to rain most of the day despite our attempts to clean and...

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Where are we again?
The east side of Waikiki from where we were initially anchored Honolulu is like taking a vacation in a big Asian city and only
having to travel half the distance.  Of
course, the prices are much higher than in many Asian countries, but much lower
than they ...

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Vacation from our "vacation"
I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be on a vacation. I could go back to high school Latin and let the nerd in me peak out its head but in favor of our shortened, 21st century, attention spans I will just fill you in on what we have bee...

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Close Encounters
A boobie catching a ride on our sail. I got some exercise yesterday morning; I grabbed my mask and fins and jumped over the side of the boat to hang out with some spinner dolphins swimming circles around the coral reefs in our bay.  I cannot even begin to d...

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In Recovery
The most remarkable thing is that the boat is no longer moving.  I cannot even begin to explain how strange that is.  My legs are both sore from use and yet atrophied from only walking a maximum of 36' feet for a month,  I am covered in bruises affectionate...

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The Leap
My New Year's resolutions are shot.  I guess that is pretty typical but I had hoped that since I was on "vacation" I would finally have both the time and the will to make them happen.  Alas, that was not so, as you can see for yourself by the recent frequen...

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Sail Repair
We have reached the point in our trip that we need to do some major sail repair.  Since we are enjoying Zihuatanejo so much and there are some minor resources here (fabric store, small fishing shops with some boating items and other cruisers) now seemed as ...

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It's Getting Hot In Here
We are definitely in the tropics now! Since leaving California on what must have been the coldest, rainiest day in the history of San Diego summers, the weather has steadily gotten warmer.  I still have the odd feeling that Christmas and my birthday were a ...
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