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Motherhood: When NO ONE else Gets It
Some days on this beautiful journey of motherhood I feel
like I am all alone. No, I am not a single mom (but shout out to any single
mom’s out there cause you all are AMAZING!). And, yes, I have a great support
system- a husband, family, friends, etc… BUT s...

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Defining Yourself Daily: Who Are You?
In the short time we have been in the month of May I have
spent lots of time reflecting on life. As I have watched my baby sister
graduate high school and celebrated my brother graduating college, we have
sorted through child hood photos and talked about lo...

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If you are a mom and you have a mom I think you will enjoy and understand this today...

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I think there is something about becoming a mom yourself
that makes you view motherhood a little differently, wouldn’t you agree? All the sudden you become more aware. You become more
understanding. You in some small way begin to put the pieces of the puzzl...

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To my fellow Christians... STOP IT!.... Stop being SO "churchy"....

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To My Fellow Christians: STOP Being SO "Churchy"!
If you are a fellow Christian, this is for you. If you are a part of the church, this title may have grabbed
your attention. I SINCERELY hope it did. First, let me start by saying I almost
hate using this title because I am fully aware that Scripture has mu...

Post has attachment this.... and then DO IT! :)

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Motherhood: Putting On The Oxygen Mask
Likely you’ve heard the speech that is given aboard every
air plane that ever takes off. Your flight attendant in the midst of giving
directions about turning off electronics, bathroom locations, and emergency
exits throws in the following: “ In case there ...

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The journey of life....MORE like a roller coaster!!!

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The Journey:Holding on For Dear Life
My friend, Aren't you SO glad that the good Lord above is in
control of this Journey that we are on? Aren't you thankful that through the
ups and downs of this crazy thing called life, ultimately God’s plan is at
work? Ultimately amidst the plans we make an...
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