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Gamichicoth is now live!

It's an update to Left-Hand Path, free for people who already have the game. Otherwise you can get it by buying Left Hand Path here.

* 5 hours of play time spread over *6 distinct areas*, from a haunted, ramshackle town to silent docks filled with lethal opponents.
* A completely new, fully-voiced story.
* *Motion-captured, lipsynched characters* to interact with - using the same mocap technology as used on the Avengers movies, fact fans!
* Continuation of the *overarching Left-Hand Path story* too, as you follow Elena's progress through the Well...
* *9 new antagonists*, one of which literally left my number 1 playtester shaking after his first encounter with it.
* 4 separate "boss" fights, including *the hardest battle of Left-Hand Path to date*. I was covered in sweat after I finished its final playtest yesterday.
* *3 new spells and two new rituals* to learn, use to obliterate your opponents and occasionally die in the process of casting. Did I mention that magic in Left-Hand Path is not necessarily safe?
* *New Staff System* - upgrade your staff with new, powerful alternatives that change the way you play.
* *New talents as you gain in power*. The Screaming Heads have new abilities for you to pay for with dead things' flesh, giving you greater power and new ways to use existing spells.
* *Arachnophobe-friendly Mode* Really, REALLY can't handle spider-type enemies? Don't worry. There's also a spider-creature-free mode to play - although it's still pretty terrifying. 

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Here's the trailer for Left-Hand Path: Gamichicoth. It's a 5hr+ update (longer than most Vive games) for my souls-like horror RPG for the HTC Vive, Left-Hand Path.

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Just in time for Halloween - I've launched a major update to Left-Hand Path.

If you're not familiar with Left-Hand Path: it's a heavily Dark Souls inspired RPG designed explicitly for the Vive, in which you play a wizard in a dark fantasy world, drawing glyphs in the air to cast spells and destroy monsters.

It's currently in Early Access, sitting at Very Positive (83%) on Steam reviews.

EDIT - and now it's started, I can tell you it's also in the Steam Halloween Sale at 10% off!

Many of the criticisms I have recieved about Left-Hand Path were about the graphical quality. So this update massively improves the graphical quality.

Here's the link to the store page - many of the images are from the updated version, and the patch notes with full details is the top announcement.

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Left-Hand Path Patch 0.3.2 is out! Better zombies, better combat feedback, better layout of Sathariel, and more...

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"This is like Dreadhalls times a hundred. "

- comment from Reddit on Left-Hand Path.

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Left-Hand Path, my Dark Souls-inspired RPG for Virtual Reality on the Vive, is now available!

Learn spectacular rituals, cast spells by drawing arcane glyphs in the air, gain in power, explore magical landscapes, and prepare to die at the hands of lethal foes...

Buy it now! And please do share with anyone who might find it interesting.

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New long-ish game for the Vive!

Left Hand Path is a Dark Souls-inspired RPG for roomscale! Cast spells by drawing arcane glyphs with your hands, explore a magical landscape, gain in power, learn spectacular rituals, and (ahem) prepare to die...

You can buy it now at:

Bloody hell, fighting the final boss in Left-Hand Path is a fair old workout for the glutes. Squat, dodge, squat...

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Cast magic with your hands, fight lethal enemies, and cough prepare to die...

Left-Hand Path, my first game for the HTC Vive, is now up as "Coming Soon" on Steam. It's a Dark Souls-inspired RPG where you investigate a weird land, learn to cast spells with arcane gestures, and quite possibly die a lot...

Please share with folks you think would like it!

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