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Novelist and former NeXT employee Stan Augarten wrote about Steve Jobs:

I've been thinking about Steve ever since I woke up this morning here in Paris and learned about his death, and I realized that what I really liked about himwas the things he didn't do.

He didn't live in a grand, gaudy mansion. He didn't own a yacht. He never went on Oprah. He didn't run for office, buy a ball club, ascribe his success to Jesus, give millions to right-wing interest groups, cause a scandal, sexual or otherwise (aside from that tempest in a teapot that was the stock backdating incident), or rant and rave about the nefarious power of the Jews. He worked long and hard, got married once, and his marriage lasted until his death and produced three children. His life was largely devoted to Apple, which he ran until only a couple of months ago, and he died quietly and privately. He was a difficult and demanding character, but he was also someone who really had his act together, from his youth until his death.
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