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Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Love Writers: Love Helping Them Market
Love Writers: Love Helping Them Market


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Dr. Bob Rich Reviews Real Magic
Real Magic by Dean Radin Title: Real Magic Subtitle: Ancient wisdom, modern science, and a guide to the secret power of the universe 2018 New York: Harmony Books ISBN 978‑1‑5247‑5883‑7 Purchase on Amazon Reviewed by Dr. Bob Rich Given my scientific training...
Dr. Bob Rich Reviews Real Magic
Dr. Bob Rich Reviews Real Magic

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Nice to be friends on G Plus, +Gary Wilhelm

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Thanks to #WritersontheMove and +Karen Cioffi-Ventrice for all they do for writers.

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Today, guest blogger Lois W. Stern is offering my visitors--both writers and readers--a fun free-to-enter contest.  It may be the first such contest I have ever offered on this blog (I have been doing this blog, for a long, long time and memory is short!)  ...
Sharing with Writers and Readers
Sharing with Writers and Readers

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Celebrating Women's Equality Day with Poetry
August 26 is Women's Equality Day! I am celebrating by sharing a poem with you--something I rarely do because publishers often eschew publishing literary work that has appeared on the Web--or elsewhere!  These, however, already appeared "elsewhere"--in my c...
Celebrating Women's Equality Day with Poetry
Celebrating Women's Equality Day with Poetry

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Title: Bob Hope On TV Subtitle: Thanks For the Video Memories Author: Wesley Hyatt Publisher: BearManor Media (December 15, 2017) ISBN-10: 1629332178 ISBN-13: 978-1629332178 Purchase at Amazon   Reviewed by Dr. Wesley Britton originally for Book Pleasures.c...
The New Book Review
The New Book Review

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Dr. Bob Rich Shares Hard-Hitting Review on Pollution
Title: The Coal Truth Author: David Ritter Publisher: University of Western Australia Publishing 2018 ISBN: 9781742589824 $Au23 Review...

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Playwright Filmaker Reviews The Frugal Editor
Title: The Frugal Editor Subtitle: From Your Query Letter to Final Manuscript to the Marketing of Your New Bestseller (2d Edition) Author: Carolyn Howard-Johnson Series: HowToDoItFrugally Series of Books for Writers (pub. 4/3/15) Genre: Editing, Self-Publis...

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Thank you so much for sharing my poetry , +David Leonhardt my special Canadian friend. I feel the book it came from today especially important on this Independence Day of your neighbor to the South.
Poetry from by +Carolyn Howard-Johnson

It’s in the Knowing

I want to know. . .
how my marrow
ran in their bones. If these Cycladic figures
inspired Picasso, flat-faced; Miro,
expressionless. But Quakers
who stitched sunbonnet girls
on quilts knew Keros not at all,
nor farmers and fishers,
nor those who pillaged their ancient
shards. Mayans pulled faceless dolls
from husks of corn, never knew this one,
broken arm, vagina visible
between its open legs, harp in its lap. Still
it music melts over five millenniums
to touch me,
allow me to put
my face on its.

Crying Walls

Near Jerusalem, razorwire
coils a brutal line
imposed like walls
Lennon imagined
might one day disappear.
This one much like the first wall
I unexpectedly came across somewhere
in memory, an ocean away
marking its territory
East from West, the wall
that called my husband to arms,
just in case. Another wall,
cleaves Irish from Irish. Foreign
walls, but now a new one
crawls from Baja,
through mountain passes
along the Rio Grande. Walls.
Chains-linked. Wire-barbed,
Krylon-smeared. Feeble,
useless, unholy billboards,
anything but mending walls.

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Lois Stern Shares Back Story Secrets for Presentation and More
It’s Easier Than You Think to Become a Winning Author:  Give Us Your Back Story Guest Blogger: Lois W. Stern As authors, we work so hard to polish our stories to perfection, often devoting years to polishing our manuscript s before they go to press. Hopeful...
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