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Bowling to End Bullying, Inc.
"Let's strike it out."
"Let's strike it out."

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Donate to support our Youth Bowling Leagues.  Learn more about how you can help us raise money for our leagues that give us an opportunity to teach youth about bowling and to coach and empower them in their lives.

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Ways to Inspire Your Child to Be Kind

Kindness is what we, as a anti-bullying advocacy organization, try to remind people of daily.   Simply telling people to be kind is helpful, but we would also like to share ways that people can begin to try to foster kindness in their everyday lives.  

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How to Build Your Child's Confidence

Building your child's confidence is key to us as parents, guardians and community members to help end bullying. Read about how.

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Bullying is definitely an “everyone” problem.  We are firm believers that the cycle of blame could never be pin pointed in one direction or another.  We are all products of our environment and that environment consists of various elements like home,…

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Depending on where we are in our lives and what we have eperienced, having empathy may be difficult.  You may be an empathetic person, but have fallen victim in certain situations and the experience has made you lose empathy for people, especially the…

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Be mindful of how you treat others. Don’t be a bystander.  If you are a witness to bullying and you’re a child, seek a trusted adult that can help you do something about it if you’re not confident enough to handle it properly on your own. Don’t act out of…

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Join us for our first event in the new year here in Phoenix, Arizona!  Details below:     Like us on Facebook where you can support our cause and subscribe to our events near you!

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This week we talked about a sensitive subject which was Understanding the Bully: How Bullies Are Created and we explored the many ways that we all can become bullies and how our environment can play a role in assisting us to carry out accepted aggression…

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This Week's Topic: Understanding the Bully: How Are Bullies Created? 

Join us in this discussion.  Learn more about our topics for National Bullying Prevention Month here:

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This week we revisited the topic Bullying in the Blogosphere.  Bullying is often thought about most often when it comes to children, but we as adults also could use the reminder sometimes as well.  Many children are simply a reflection of their adult…
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