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Why do I write ?
It has been over 5
months now since I wrote a post on my blog. I would love to write  often, but due to my strict daily schedule, I could hardly take out time to update it. One of my friends who recently
forayed into the blogging world questioned me why I w...

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Mein Myaun !! Part 1
Subah ke 3 baje the
aur mein apne ghar ki taraf kooch kar rahi thi tabhi mera pair phisla aur mein
us teemanjale makaan se neeche ja giri. Aisa laga jaise sab kuch ghoom raha ho,
us kali andheri sardi ki raat mein sab kuch aur kala darshayi de raha tha.kaan...

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Iceland, So Very Different!
last week I returned home from an unusually amazing holiday in Iceland and I
must say I had a fabulous time exploring this tiny country, which completely
surprised me with this dramatic landscape. I wandered in the quiet streets of
Reykjavik at midnigh...

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The beautiful doors of Malta
It was not just
the wooden balconies that I fell in love with in Malta. The elegant doors
painted in bright hues and adorned with antique brass and iron door handles and knockers too left
me awestruck.  Famous American Philosopher “Naom Chomski” once said, ...

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The colourful balconies in Malta
While travelling across the length and
breadth of Malta, what really caught my eyes were the lovely limestone houses
and historical buildings adorned with intricately designed and brightly painted
wooden balconies, which are as colorful as its people.  One ...

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Mdina: The Silent City of Malta
is said that good things come in small packages. Indeed, it is true and my
belief in this quote only got stronger I visited Malta last month. Malta is an
independent tiny island nation, which is quite popular amongst Britons. Don’t underestimate
it by it...

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Mostar: A hidden gem in the Balkans
you are holidaying in Dubrovnik, you cannot miss to explore the nearby Balkan
countries, which are a couple of hours drive from the city. On our three day
trip to Dubrovnik, We chose to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
Of all the place...

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Dubrovnik: Love you truly madly deeply !
Having visited Dubrovnik, the famous writer George Bernard
Shaw wrote: “Those who search for paradise on earth should come and see
Dubrovnik”. And I couldn’t agree more with him! Balmy weather, stunning landscape,
awe inspiring architecture, delightful Medi...
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