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Interesting technique. I wonder if it'd work on other rewards - go into detail about the feast the otter people have prepared for the heroes for saving them from the Great Eye, or a terribly crafted friendship bracelet someone gives you a few days later after you save them from a vampire....

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This is a pretty great podcast or something(almost... vocal essay?) about choice or lack thereof in the later Elder Scrolls and Fallout games.

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So if Clinton wins the democratic nomination, we basically cede the presidential argument into being about corrupt corporate establishment vs racist xenophobic strongman.

No matter which one wins, the other will prop themself up as the 'only one who can defeat the terribleness of the other one'.

Therefore, we need a strong third party candidate in that scenario.

Jill Stein, though cool, doesn't have enough name recognition.

So in that scenario, I think we need Bernie Sanders running.

He'll draw some democrats who would grudgingly vote for Hillary, but he'll also draw republicans who are anti-Trump and anti-Hillary - and they're some of the most hated candidates around, and he's seen as honest even by those who disagree with him. He'd also take a decent chunk of the independents, who are about a third of the electorate, and likely draw in more independents.

I think he'd run a decent chance of winning - probably the best shot an independent has had in over a century.

But even if he didn't, he'd have enough of a voice to oppose Clinton and Trump's narratives.

If they are the only ones who get to speak, our country will not be headed in good directions, regardless of who wins.

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I think that the likely disruption to the Democrat/Republican hold over American politics will likely come from the internet.

I don't know if the people behind this website have the power to pull this off, or are actually neutral parties.

But I find it a very interesting approach to try to get civic engagement by an American Idol-style candidate process.

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All that deserves a name
Eternal Flame — The last ember of a dying god, preserved or imprisoned within Kresch.
Salgnak — Kresch’s treacherous cousin, a giant, non-vocal frog.
Ledger of Ten Thousand Names — A gigantic chained book, a list of all great things who have existed, with short, cryptic poetry for each. Not in alphabetical order.

Feats heroic
Glum — Kresch hesitates, remembering when they were human.
Jovial — The flame burns blue, turning Kresch’s body white-hot.

Omen — A rain of blood falls from the sky.

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