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Holly Elliott
Person behind the ecommerce curtain of two online sites offering jewelry & antiques/collectibles!
Person behind the ecommerce curtain of two online sites offering jewelry & antiques/collectibles!

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For anyone who loves a variety of jewelry....


Well, I obviously haven't been around here lately.  They've once again rearranged the furniture!

I've decided that men have it easy.  I mean, how often do they get new hair cuts only to find that they're not able to replicate what the stylist did with ease...

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In the spirit of #Caturday, here is yesterday's warm-up project...

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Salted caramel bonbons, anyone?  (Just looking at them makes me feel better!)

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Anyone in the Sacramento area have a son or daughter who may just be a natural born drummer?   Nick at Pick-Up-Sticks offers a variety of affordable ways to help students unleash the percussion animal within (with the most recent being an intense three-day drum lessons camp!)   And ....  It looks like he may offer online lessons as well, for those who are not in the area.

Pick-up-Sticks Drum Cover to Egypt Central - White Rabbit

Thanks so much for the invite, Amy.  Back in October/November, I finally decided it was time to do something with the MailChimp account I set up at the beginning of the year, and sent out my first email blast.  It's a great system, and I'm sure there's much yet to learn.

Happy new year to everyone! 

Greetings everyone and happy holidays! 
Thanks for the invite, +Art Zemon

I must admit, the last few months I've spent less time on G+ than I had been, keeping busy with this, that, and the other. 
I work at least three days a week as a legal assistant, and the rest of the week manage my own antiques/collectibles website and .... well, the list is always growing, changing.  :)
I love books, enjoy cooking, am an animal lover (we have two cats and two dogs), and join Todd in the request to share names of any good restaurants! 

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Well, it seems that Amazon Cloud has sites in the dark ....  again.

Oh well, this little distraction was an amusing read...

Baseball in October ....  Thank you Cardinals for once again helping to keep summer alive!
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