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Bonjour 2017 !
Hi !!! It's been ages! No post at all in 2016 even though  it was the most dramatic year of my life.. Phew.. I have been quite active on Instagram of late.. Since I did not get the chance to write anything here, I opted with simple photos that I took on my ...
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Bukan merajuk pun..
Lama sangat mar
berdiam dan membeku tahun ni, sebenarnya apa yang mar buat sepanjang 2015 ni ? Semenjak
hilangnya MH370 dan MH17, mar dah mula rasa sesuatu dalam diri. Hidup kita ni
macam daun di pepohonan. Bila bila masa sahaja kita akan gugur ke bumi bila...
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Goodbye D
Well hello there? Every time I decided
to write, I know it has been a while. Basically, Fuad and I are officially at a new phase of life.
Our maid had run away, and we only knew the news when her cousin called us to
inform on her latest update.   I am
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Well hello 2015!
Assalamualaikum wbt It’s now June 2015..and this is my first entry of this year…
well done akmar..well done! Just when I was about to think to ignore this private space
of mine, just when I thought writing is not so cool anymore nowadays because it
has been...
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tika ini
Jari jemari ni makin layu di papan keyboard. Banyak perkara berlaku di sekeliling. Dulu, kepuasan menulis tu sangat terasa. Mar selalu rasa
motivated bila menulis. Mar juga suka baca kembali perjalanan hidup mar,
perubahan hidup mar,etc. Tapi, menginjak dew...
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Why should I have a title for every post?
You don’t
have to be cool or pretend to be one just to be accepted by the society. Life is not
meant to please others because along the roads you will be facing lots of
rejections, pains and miseries. Live this temporary life for the sake of Allah
and the m...
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Positif dan negatif adalah satu arah. Arah mana yang kita pilih ?
Harini mar buka balik tengok komen komen di blog mar ni dan
baca semula beberapa ‘entry’ mar yang lepas lepas..Rasa 6 tahun tu cepat sangat
berlalu pergi.. Mar tengok ada perubahan daripada segi penulisan mar. Mar
tak pasti kalau ada yang lain perasan tenta...
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My precious jewels..
sleep, with your angelic face that has turned strong You sleep, your tiny hand are almost as big as mine. I touch them in amazement at how they have grown. I lie beside you, put my cheek next to your red straight hair, Once so soft. Pop, now you're a li...
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