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Renae Jensen
Renae Jensen has dedicated her life to promoting healthy space through the wisdom of Feng Shui and Conscious Design. For over fifteen years, she has lectured and consulted for a wide spectrum of clients and students.
Renae Jensen has dedicated her life to promoting healthy space through the wisdom of Feng Shui and Conscious Design. For over fifteen years, she has lectured and consulted for a wide spectrum of clients and students.


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Sharing an interview I recently had with US News. The article was so well written and thought out. I feel that feng shui was well represented in the real estate world.

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This is where your Rose journey starts… a beautiful class to attune you to the 11 healing Rose Frequencies and Heart Codes that make up the Rose 1 set in the Rose Oracle.

The day starts with exploring the context of the work… How the Rose Oracle set developed and the connection to the empowerment pathway story of the Divine Feminine – The Rosa Mystica in all of her forms… and the weave of the Divine Mother with Mary Magdalene and the path of the Mary’s.

We will look at the Sacred Geometry of the Rose and her connection to the natural world, to Love and the planet Venus and her significance for us now, before diving into the Rose frequencies themselves.

The 11 Roses from the Rose 1 set form a powerful self healing grid on the body and so we will work with each Rose in turn and you will get to connect and understand the message that each Rose holds for you in your personal healing and empowerment journey… To come home to yourself, rest in your Golden Heart and Be LOVE.

From that place of the Heart the true magnetics of your original Soul Mastery imprint can fully activate and illuminate your highest path and connection to your Beloved within.

This pathway opens effortless manifestation, a feeling of well being at all levels and a sense of connection and alignment with Life purpose.

The Rose 1 healing grid works well with other modalities including Reiki, massage and coaching/mentoring.

The full 5 classes form a powerful path of inner transformation and personal spiritual development

You can take class 1 in person and complete the other classes online as an option.

10 am - 4:30
Cost $108.00 Full Day Workshop
Bring or purchase your set of Rose Cards
Caribe Royale Resort
8101 World Center Dr
Orlando, FL Fl 32821 United States

908 797-5225
Paypal to


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Added photos to New World Consciousness Conference and Expo.
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Added photos to Loving Messages with the Blessed Mother Channeled through Angelo Rusciano.
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Angelo Rusciano International Artist, Author, Medium and Channel for Mother Mary. Angelo has been witness to The Blessed Mother on 4 documented occasions.
Date:     July 13, 2017
Time:  7 pm  Doors open at 6:30
Cost $ 45.00 reserved   $55.00 at the door

RSVP & Reservations   908-797-5225
You may send Paypal to

• Group Inspired Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary - 1 hour 
• Individual Questions and Answers with the Blessed Mother - 1 hour
Angelo will have his book, Sacred Feminine - Intercessions with the Divine Mother,
available for purchase and signing.
Light Refreshments will be served

"The Blessed Mother's messages through Angelo Rusciano are the most palpable
I have every experienced. My perception on life has forever changed after having felt the energy".
Debbie F.

"He is to reveal my true identity, my true words, my true form".
The Blessed Mother

The Inn at Millrace Pond is the jewel of the NJ Skylands region, just 10 minutes
from the Delaware Water Gap. Located on a 23 acre campus in the historic village of Hope,
the centerpiece of the Inn is a restored stone gristmill. 
The historic  tranquil surrounding offer a perfect setting for this special evening

For Angelo, being a celebrated Artist has become vital to his spiritual journey.
Most known for his divine images of Spirit, he has been shown globally in galleries,
museums and private exhibitions.  His channeled art has become a favorite amongst the
metaphysical world and can be purchased at or at his events. Revealed
to him by a 16th Century Shaman; in a previous lifetime, he is the original hands behind the
miraculous “Our Lady of Guadalupe” painting that now resides in Mexico City. 
Having been witness to her presence in 4 documented apparitions, he returns this time to tell her
miraculous story revealing our NEW Sacred Mother. The voice of a beloved spirit, through her
own life experience transforms herself into a messenger. The Mother aspect of God who’s cherished
desire is to empower us all with a collective truth.  Love and accept ourselves and those around us. 
With humor, counsel and love, her messages about the return of The Sacred Feminine, living in
our heart’s mind, and believing is seeing are relevant to us all.  In its third printing, inspired by a
communication with The Blessed Mother herself, Angelo has authored a book entitled
“Sacred Feminine – intercessions with The Blessed Mother”. This book is a provocative and must
read question and answer session with Sacred Mother and asks the questions we all want the
answers to. Educational, poetic and even at times humorous this compilation is in essence a prayer
that aspires to heal our hearts.


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Dear friends, Sharing a HUGE discount for conference passes !

Enjoy a very special discount offered for the next few days , ends June 8.
FLASH123 is the promo code and it give half price to the three day
conference price of $396.00 ( Flash123 price is $198.00)
So that is a $198.00 dollar savings.
We hope you take advantage of this big promo and join us at the incredible
August conference where leaders of today and tomorrow will be presenting
knowledge to uplift and raise the consciousness of us all.
You can buy your ticket by going onto
put in your PROMO code FLASH123
Thank you,
Renae Jensen, Co-Host
( my cell phone is 908 797-5225)
New World Consciousness Conference & Expo
When: August 11 – 13, 2017
Phone: 855-606-2733
An international knowledge forum of top researchers, teachers, authors and innovators to present compelling topics that create awareness.
Consciousness, Ormus, Epigenetics, Feng Shui, Rose Alchemy, Energy Worlds, Sound Therapy & Cymantics ,Crypto Currency, Bio Geometry, Law of Time and
Galactic Spirit, MultiDimensional Consciousness, Pineal Gland, Dreamstime Healing – Holographic Kinetics… and more.
Banquet dinner with panel speakers
Meet and Greet
Book signings
International expo
New World Consciousness
New World Consciousness

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Feng Shui - Wind and Water

What is Feng Shui?

Through the years, we have forgotten the inter-connection of every thing on earth.
Our homes and places of work are outer reflections of ourselves.

Awareness and understanding of this has developed into this art of wind and water, often called "the art of placement".

Working from the "outside" in, can help us make progress in all areas of our lives-enhancing relationships, properity, health, happiness... by creating balance and connection.

Feng Shui is an art that works with the cycles of space and time. Feng Shui concepts can be found in every culture.

The Three Foundational Laws of Feng shui, and I would say all of life are:

TAO: "All things are Connected"
CH: "Everything is alive with Energy"
YIN-YANG "Everything Changes"


Feng Shui traditionally deals with creating Good Luck and Protecting against Bad Luck. What is Good Luck? - Wealth, Health, Fame, Relationships, Well Behaved Children, Power.The Concept of Luck -Make this life, the very best that it can be

Chinese Levels of Luck
Heaven Luck: Your position in Life, your place of birth, situation, astrology

Man Luck: Your intelligence, hard work, diligence

Earth Luck: Feng Shui, Geomancy, Astro- cartography, Space Clearing
New World Consciousness
New World Consciousness
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