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If you have a +Google TV and +Google Chrome, you ought to try this Extension out - very very wonderful!
Chromemote Beta v.0.1207.16 uploaded to Chrome Web Store. The Windows/Linux bug has been sorted out, so you will need to just uninstall and reinstall Chromemote with latest version on the Web Store to correct this issue. Looks like there is an issue with not pairing correctly with some Sony devices. I am doing what I can to get my hands on a Sony Google TV device for testing. Please keep the feedback coming in. I really appreciate everybody helping me test Chromemote. I will be adding the ability to manually add an IP very soon.

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This is rather enlightening. The illusion of choice. Via +reddit

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JC Song of the Day for Tuesday, the 27th of September is "Not Enough" by Our Lady Peace. I can't say how good this live version is since I don't remember it, but OLP is pretty good live, so enjoy!

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JC Song of the Day for Monday, 26th of September is "All I Do Is Win" (Remix) by DJ Khaled. However, the best part of this song is definitely the part by Busta Rhymes. And by the way, this is my theme song, back off +Mark Zuckerberg.

I'm sure that I've said this once (maybe not here), but I'll say it again, if you're not watching Breaking Bad, then you're missing the best show on television.

Congratulations to Derek Jeter on 3000 in style!

finally got this Google+ to work...
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