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Rose Mont
Taking on life in a postive light. I dont need to stay busy. I am busy!
Taking on life in a postive light. I dont need to stay busy. I am busy!

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Nail Time Kid Style
  Nail Time is almost a given in a house with girls. Or atleast my house.  I paint mine and usually paint the kids at will.  I have tried my luck at designs and some are better then others but we will just chalk that up as a work in progress.  However lucky...

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Spring Foam Fun
    It's spring time and that gives us a chance to take a closer look at little creatures and appreciate colors and flowers.   I thought it would be nice to make our own spring scene on the window.   I thought about what spring meant to me.  Flowers, sun, b...

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Kong Skull Island review
  King Kong is not just a movie about a monkey or gorilla if you want to get specific.  There's a plot.  There's action.  There's a little left to keep you guessing.   Kong: Skull Island runs for 2 hours and is rated PG-13.  This fantasy/ science fiction fi...

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Easter and Mermaids (gift ideas)
  Spring is here and it's time to start Easter planning.  Here we prepare a dinner, decorate a bit and make baskets for the kids.   Easter baskets are a combination of a spring item, candy and some fun toys.  The spring item is fun but, toys are really what...

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St.Patrick's Day Bark
  In keeping with the theme of the upcoming holiday.  I made a fee treats for the kids.  One treat was chocolate bark.  The kids have voiced their appreciation for it in the past and I wanted to make it festive.   I purchased:   White candy melts    Green c...

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Pot of Gold Craft
  I wanted to make something to give away that represented the upcoming holiday, but was easy enough for kids to help.   Green is the focal point and everyone wants gold but in this case chocolate will have to do.  Does that about sum up St. Patrick's Day? ...

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S'mores fireside
  Spring is slowly approaching which means the family and I can spend more time outside warm and comfortable.  We spend our time hiking, biking, boating and spending some quality time at the beach.  We even go camping a few times over the summer.   I recent...

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W is for Watermelon ( kids craft)
  This week we are discussing the letter w here.  I decided we needed to make a craft and watermelon it was.  Which is almost kind of sad considering my little student doesn't even like watermelons.   For this craft you may already have the basic supplies o...

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It's Ok
It's ok!  It's ok when your opinion doesn't match the majority.  It's ok when your the only one with an opposing view.  I'm teaming up with  airingmylaundry .  She posts weekly about what she's ok with!  So check it out and post what your ok with this week....

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Big Little Lies (book review)
  I just finished my 5th book of the year.  It was Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.  This was the second book of hers that I have read.  She has a knack for storytelling.  She has a special way of giving you a little bit and pulls you through the majority...
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