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At Career Directors International's Career Empowerment Summit this weekend, I was honoured to receive two TORI Awards (Toast of the Resume Industry). These were Second Prize for the Best Cover Letter category and Third Prize for the Best Sales and Marketing Resume category.

Public validation of a resume writer's expertise through the presentation of industry awards, is aspirational and continually raises the bar for the quality of strategic writing and trendsetting---crucial in elevating value propositions of job seekers in ever-tightening and often saturated job markets across the world.

More than ever, job seekers are competing with a greater level of sophistication and need professional expertise in relating their experience and skills just to be seen.

In accepting these awards, I thank Career Directors International, a careers association led by the indefatigable and inspirational President Laura DeCarlo, who works tirelessly and uncompromisingly, challenging resume writers and coaches to perfect their craft.

While these TORIs are gratefully accepted and humbly received, the real recipients of these awards are jobseekers themselves who benefit from using the services of resume writers committed to continual improvement.

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The art of small chat is not just a life skill, it's crucial for the job search (Even if the topics don't interest you) !

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Be on message and on track: What Interviewers want! When you distract people from their job by providing irrelevant or unwanted information, you're distracting them from imagining you as the ideal candidate. Who wants to do that? See my blog updated today!

Just received two nominations in this year's TORI Awards (Toast of the Resume Industry) from Career Directors International. One nomination for Best Sales and Marketing Resume, and one for Best Cover Letter. Honoured to be amongst such sterling talent!

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Job Search Article No idea where your career is heading? Then don't get started on the job search.

Job Search Advisory. The onus is on you to question the contact person/recruiter and discover more about the role to determine if you are qualified. Many people say to me "I keep getting interviewed for roles that are beneath me". Part of this is because due diligence wasn't done before applying for the job in question! Instead of applying for jobs that sound good, there is nothing wrong with taking the initiative and calling the contact person. Find out about the remuneration and the job in more detail. If it is not for you, then you don't waste your time or the company's time in applying.

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My latest blog post is a little different. Today I'm reviewing the book Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.

Job Search Advisory. Have you been up all hours writing your resume? Think it's finally done? Before you call the job complete and zap it off to a hiring authority, STOP. Take a break and put your resume aside for a day. Then go back to it with fresh eyes to make corrections, additions/alterations. You'll be surprised how many chunky sentences, typos and grammar boo-boos you'll find you've overlooked in the process of getting it all down on paper. 24 hours won't make a difference, but an error-ridden resume will!

Jobseeker Advisory: A cringeworthy mistake that I see often, is one where people cut and paste their cover letter into a new document and forget to change the recipient or job details from the time before. Ouch! I say this all the time... proofread! Check details. A slapdash attitude reflects badly on you.
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