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Does anyone still use Google + ? Well, anyway, I did a blog report on the Angouleme comics festival. Read it if you want to know what it was like!
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Hi +Sarah Glidden Yes still using Google+ way more than other social networks. I visited your blog yesterday!! looked GREAT! Did you get to hang out with Art Spiegelman? :)
Thanks! And yeah, did actually get to hang out with A.S. a little. Was pretty awesome!
WOW!!! I wish you a productive and successful time in France :) Cant wait to see your progress! 6 months right or perhaps longer?
Still on G+. And Twitter. But f&@k Fecesbook...
Coffee and cognac in palatial surroundings? Boy, I wish that all indie comics creator were treated like that in all the cons and festivals. I think they're worth it.

(yes, I'm on G+, in fact I'm only on G+ since I use twitter in read only mode and now post about once a year on LJ and Facebook, each)
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