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Harmonic Exalted Management
Harmonic Exalted Management


Want to add Firearms in addition to Archery? Navigation in addition to Sail? Just do it!

In Third Edition, Anathema will support free definition of Abilities and Attributes for each character.
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New update! Clarification of Layout Process and Info on +Anathema.
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Some of you had questions about the state of Anathema for 3E lately.
I wrote something in the forums:

If you don't want to register there to ask a question or discuss something, just post in the comments below. -Urs
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I have started putting +Joseph Meyer's cool random tables into an Android app.

Get it here:

I'd love to know 
a) if you care about stuff like this
b) if it works for you and
c) how to improve it

You could also do me a big favor by telling me how many Android devices your group has, out of the total number of players!
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Here is another one for the tinkerers: Template definition and model configuration are now fully separated.

Below you see the template for a mortal character type.
Read the set of models as "model:configurationfile", with '' denoting no configuration required.
Each of the configuration files only contains what that model needs to know about the character, so it is very easy to switch out only some of the moving parts.

    characterType: Mortal;
    template: DefaultMortal;
    models: {
        Points: MortalPoints,
        Concept: NoCastes,
        Abilities: MortalAbilities,
        AbilitiesPoints: MortalAbilityPoints,
        Attributes: DefaultAttributes,
        AttributePoints: MortalAttributePoints,
        EssencePool: MortalEssencePool,
        Health: '',
        Languages: '',
        Intimacies: '',
        Specialties: '',
        SpecialtiesPoints: MortalSpecialtyPoints,
        Equipment: ''
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Have a look at the new notification bar:
The old one felt useless to me, it only ever told me that my character was saved and took up screen space to do that.

This one tells me about more interesting things - XP and BP spending, for starters - and hides itself when there is nothing worth speaking about.
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Look, fresh tooltips!
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I spent some time working on equipment.

What do you think?
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+Bearcat Şándor asked about adding custom races. I don't remember the rules for Mountain Folk or Dragon Kings, so I can't answer that directly.

Let's have a look at we're doing instead, so you can form the answer on your own:
Right now, we are exposing more of the internals of a character template. We are doing this to simplify Anathema: What we have shown you so far is actually a side effect, not an end of itself.

So, as long as your new race is just a re-skinned Exalt who mixes and matches existing parts, you're good to go.

However, there will be some parts we do not expose - remember, side effect - so this process won't give you full control over everything.
Mostly though, you will get stuck when you need new behaviour, instead of just new names and number.

Take 2E Alchemicals, for example:
You could create something with Attribute-based Charms, as Lunars had them; define Castes somewhat different from the Lunar Castes; give it free picks; custom Bonus points; enter the various Charms - but you still won't any way to switch Charms or build Arrays.

You'll get to a similar result with 2E Infernals and their second Patron Yozi.
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Hey tinkerers, here's to you:

  favoringTrait: Occult,
  sorcery: {
     Terrestrial: "Solar.TerrestrialCircleSorcery",
     Celestial: "Solar.CelestialCircleSorcery",
     Solar: "Solar.SolarCircleSorcery"
  necromancy: {
     Shadowlands: "Solar.ShadowlandsCircleNecromancy",
     Labyrinth: "Solar.LabyrinthCircleNecromancy"
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