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The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your actions! =P
The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your actions! =P
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My favorite plane... great memory for that pilot!
When the Pilot Gets Married

You have a wedding reception at an airplane hanger at a flight museum with old functional planes scattered about everywhere.

I think the coolest part is that he's actually flown that plane. Though his day job is as a private pilot using obviously a different plane.

How it happened:
I was doing "detail" pictures and loving the scene... the father wanted a father-daughter picture and I thought this would be a good scene. But it required some light... so I ran and grabbed the flash and handed it off to someone at the wedding. I liked the picture so much I called over the groom.

How it was taken:
I took a picture of the background and exposed for it well... and then with the flash/softbox combo pointed in their direction with the person holding it just out of the frame I dialed in the right amount of flash to make the couple match the background.
Then in lightroom I darkened inside the hanger even more.

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YUM! National Cherry Cheesecake Day? Hmmm! Maybe I need to partake! #giggle

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Hilarious Colbert Report video! Marketers take note. #brandhumor

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I hated stats in grad school... but I have to admit that I LOVE reading them! =P #interestingmath #jillt
Stats collected by Google from various sources
+ 1.9 billion people go online each day.
+ online users are exposed to average of 30 Google Display Network ads per day.
+ adults spend 18 hours a week online.
+ eBooks are outselling print books.
+ 77% of smartphone users call or visit a business after searching for local info on their phones.
+ 71% of smartphone users search because they saw an ad.
+ 33% of smartphone users use phone while watching TV.
+ 70% of smarphone users use their phone while shopping in store.
+ 53% of smartphone users made a purchase as a result of online mobile search.
+ online video ads attracted 18.3% more viewer attention than TV commercials.
+ 81% of global online users are reached by Google Display Network.
+ we're approaching point where 10% of all consumer spending in U.S. is online.
+ 85% of the U.S. online population has watched a YouTube video.
+ 65% of the U.S. online population watch one video per week.
+ more video is uploaded to YouTube every 60 days than the top 3 broadcasters produced in 60 years.
+ in 2010, total U.S. online ad revenue overtook newspaper print ad revenue for the first time.

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I love these old search engine commercials! #oldschool #fun

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Just in case you're looking for a song for V-Day... #VDay

Today's successful marketing ploy implemented on me... allowing me to stream the new album from The Fray from #iTunes. Can you say pre-order? Done! =D

Moving is expensive! Set up fees, deposits, add-ons, blah blah blah. #emptywalletcomingsoon

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HA! Love the 007 music to this video! #fun #pool
My new pool

would love to have one of these

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Although I wouldn't try this with cats in the home (think fire and mayhem)... THIS is pretty neat! =)
My sister's Christmas tree has candles.

For a couple of centuries before electricity was widely distributed, German Christmas trees were decorated with candles.

My sister and her family has always used candles on their trees. It sounds dangerous, but there are well understood techniques for making it safe, and they use them.

How awesome is this?
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