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Just got a mail announcing that I am a part of the Leap Motion development program! I'll hopefully receive one of these MacGuffins soon, in the meantime I have the SDK to play with.

So many possibilities!

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Skönsång på datorföreningen:

Runners Grinders is now on Kickstarter! Support it!

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My final thesis work for my Robotics master, together with Anton Fosselius:
Do you know how a graphics card works? This is how we made ours.
The presentation is performed live at Mälardalen University In Västerås, Sweden.
Time/date: 2012-09-07 13:15 in Kappa

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New release of the ORSoC Graphics Accelerator is out now!

The ORSoC Graphics Accelerator can:
Draw Lines.
Draw Filled or Textured Rectangles.
Draw Filled, Interpolated or Textured Triangles.
Draw Filled Quadratic Bézier Curves.
Write Text with Bitmap Fonts or Vector Fonts.
Draw Alphablended shapes.
Draw Colorkeyed images. 
Draw 3D meshes with support for depth buffer.
Transform points (scaling & rotation of triangles and vector fonts).

The ORSoC GFX have support for the following formats:
Support for .TTF fonts.
Support for .OBJ files for 3D meshes.
Support for .bmp, .png, .jpg, etc. (all formats supported by SDL_image). 

Observe that this core does not drive a display, we recommend you to pair this core with the Enhanced LCD/VGA Driver core.

Tested & Verified on the Spartan 6 based ATLYS board.
Contains testbenches based on iVerilog and GTKWave.
The implementation takes ~10 000 Slice Luts.

To make the development of applications easier there is a software implementation of the graphics accelerator. This software implementation uses the same drivers as the hardware implementation. While its not an exact emulation of the hardware, its very close. The ORGFX simulator is implemented with LibSDL.,orsoc_graphics_accelerator

An example implementation with ORPSoCv2 for the Xilinx Spartan 6 based ATLYS board with can be found at:

#orsocgfx   #openhardware   #opensoftware   #openrisc  

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We are slowly getting there!
The orsoc graphics accelerator now handles vector fonts!

I have been playing around a bit with Delaunay triangulation, Bezier curves and the truetype format this week. Almost done, there are some special cases that are not covered yet.

the "single color" areas are the Bezier curves and the gradient areas are triangles generated with Delaunay triangulation.

#orsocgfx #openhardware #opensource #freetype
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