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Event Blog! Providence Youth Poetry Slam
           Recently, I was introduced to the
wonderfully intricate world of poetry. A friend I met here at Rhode Island
College is a slam poet and performs in many venues around the city. I went to a
slam toward the end of February that so happened to be th...

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Empowering Education - Connections
Okay, I need to start by saying that I seriously
can’t believe this is our last blog for class, and that the semester’s already
over! I’ve really enjoyed this adventure with everyone!             So, emotional segment over, down to
business! When reading “E...

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Quotes Kliewer Special Education
To begin
this week’s post I must apologize for it being so late; it’s just been one of
those weeks! But I really want to start by saying how much I loved this article
and how impactful it was for me to read. The students and teachers in the
observations wer...

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Finn Article Extended Comments
My blog this week will
be an extension of Jackie’s connection on the “Literacy with an Attitude” piece
by Patrick Finn. I found this to be a tedious piece but like Jackie, once I got
through the first few pages I was intrigued. The first connection
made was...

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Brown vs. Board of Education
        This week’s blog may be a bit all over the place,
just an FYI. The website on Brown v. Board of Education, the article by Bob
Herbert, and the videos featuring Tim Wise are all strongly related because
they talk about the same topics of racial issue...

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In The Service Of What? Reflection Blog
This week’s article “In
The Service Of What? The Politics of Service Learning” by Joseph Kahne and Joel
Westheimer talks about the different underlying components of service learning
projects and what they have to offer everyone involved. It is the perfect

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Unlearning the Myths - Hyperlinks
          I found this week's reading "Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us" by Linda Christensen to be particularly eye-opening. I realized as I got older that children's cartoons and movies possessed some underlying themes of stereotypical behavior and polit...

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Safe Spaces Quotes
I found this week’s reading to be very thought provoking. I
realized there was a balance between how much I would agree with one statement
but then challenge the following statement. For this post I’ve decided to explain
some quotes or phrases that stuck ou...

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"Aria" by Richard Rodriguez Argument
Rodriguez argues that individualization is vital in a child’s life and
upbringing, and that there needs to be a connection between private and public
individuality. In his passage he does not explain this directly, but his
overall message is ...
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