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(With the Tom Cruise voice and everything!) I am homeward bound. I have my interview with Pres. Crobitt today. My comp
will be training a new missionary. I talked with E. Frampton, E. Turketo and E.
Aplanalp! All is well. Hno Manuel Medina took me to the ...
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August 18, 2015 - Hello!
Hello All! I want to start off to say I love all of you! Thank you for all of the
great support that you have each given me throughout my two years. Wow it is
crazy how quickly the time has flown by. I have truly improved been changed and
become better! ...
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August 11, 2015 - Hello All!
So it has been a great week but busy and the work as for numbers
may not have been the greatest but very satisfying. The biggest thing was that
the Pimentel Family GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! Finally! Their marriage was on Friday and
Pres. Corbitt was there with ...
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August 6, 2015 - Love y'all a day late but still the same!
So sorry it was a day late but we changed our Pday in order to do
some other awesome stuff! The big news is we went to the aquarium, since it is
closed on Monday`s we got special permission to change our Pday to today! so
that is why. And oh was it a gre...
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July 27, 2015 - Hello Everyone
I love you all. I hope Pioneer day was great and Am`s bday! It has
been a crazy week. My birthday was great and I was super blessed. Jorge and his
family gave me a birthday celebration which was super awesome. They bought me a
chocolate cake, made empana...
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July 20, 2015 - Hello All
I hope all is going well. I am a happy man! The baptism happened of
Mariana. It was amazing and awesome to see her progress so much! She was so
excited to be baptized and the service was great. We had a couple come the woman
from Russia and her spouse wh...
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July 13, 2015 - Hello All!
So as of tomorrow I will officially be in my ¨Golden Transfer¨as
they say or the last transfer. I will be receiving a new companion named Elder
Rush. He is from the USA. I am sad to see E. Castro go because we had a lot of
fun, we worked very hard and it...
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July 6, 2015 - Happy late 4th of July!
Go America! Wahoo it was a good day on the 4th. I ate some
Venezuelan food and a recent convert also made us some Italian food. He is from
Italy as well. I didn`t eat anything American sadly but it was a good day. I
also ate some ice cream to celebrate t...
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June 29, 2015 - Happy 4th of July this weekend and Happy Father´s Day last weekend!
Hi Family, First happy late Father´s day to Dad. Sorry I totally forgot. It isn`t a
holiday here and time just keeps flying. But I love you tons Dad! And this week
is our Independence day! (Great movie). I hope everyone enjoys it all! A big thanks to my f...
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June 23, 2015 - Hello All
I know the news has been back and forth crazy but this week we
finally got settled in and we were very blessed for that! We had 17
investigators at church and the awesome part is a full family came for the first
time. They are very interested as well. Th...
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