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Elliott McCrory
Fermilab Scientist and (I'd like to think) Photographer
Fermilab Scientist and (I'd like to think) Photographer

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I have selected my ten favorite images from the year and made this album. Some of these have been posted here before.

This is an exercise that is, basically, necessary for a photographer: to select ten, and ONLY ten, photos from the year.

My granddaughter is the "winner" here. But how could it be any other way--she is the most beautiful little girl in the world.

The order is relevant, only in that I think this is a good order in which to view them.
Best of 2015
10 Photos - View album

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I purchased the Altura Photo E TTL speed light. It works fine on my original 7D, but it only works intermittently on my 7D-II.

Mostly, the TTL auto exposure fails: when it falls, it grossly underexposes the image. It is even worse, almost never working, when I attach the flash through the Vello TTL flash cord (extender). Sometimes the flash doesn't fire at all.

I borrowed a Canon branded flash from a friend for 5 minutes, and this worked ok on the 7D II.

Is this a known problem, or is there something wrong with my specific camera? 

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Sunset hits the tree tops.

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My back yard when the snow FINALLY melt this year

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Let's fix college basketball. :-)
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