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Get free printables, project ideas, and other resources to celebrate the day with little prep on your part, moms and teachers!

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Join our annual holiday giveaway!

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Come on over and see what our Essay Rock Stars are doing!

Today we're sharing an example of outstanding student work by Noah S., a homeschooled teenager from California. Noah recently finished the Essay Rock Star full semester program, and this is one of the essays he wrote for the course. It's a textual analysis -- an analytical review -- of a song called "Lateralus" by his favorite band Tool. This essay stands out for the depth and complexity of its analysis.

Click on the link below to see his essay.

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Thanksgiving week is upon us, and it's time for some light holiday writing. As parents, we all know how excited and distractible kids get this time of year.

In this post are a number of Thanksgiving journal prompts from Journal Buddies, and if you really need to take it easy, visit our favorite resource for free Thanksgiving printables like the one below.

Click on the article link below to access these resources. Thanks!

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It’s time to for some election day activities!

As you know, the U.S. President isn’t chosen by popular vote. They're chosen by the Electoral College, an election system that can be pretty darn confusing.

Now is a perfect time to end the confusion and get clear on how the U.S. President is actually chosen.

Use the resources and activities below to teach the Electoral College system to your kids.

It's not as complicated as you might think!

Please click to read the post below for an easy to follow teaching guide on the Electoral College and more.

#homeschooling #civics #electoralcollege

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Have your kids started their writing practice this fall?

Well, below is a resource with 30 lovely writing prompts by They’re lovely because they require creativity, in depth thinking, and they work for kids of all ages too.

I recommend having your kids respond to these in their journals, sitting near a window in a comfortable nook, with a cup of hot chocolate.

Click on the link to the post below to pick one for today!

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We're all creative. What's the focus of your creativity this week?
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Our annual Back to School sale starts Labor Day weekend!

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How well did you do with your summer bucket list this year? It's not too late to check a few of those things off your list! Read the blog post below for activity ideas that can easily be followed with a writing exercise.


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Here's a lovely creative writing activity for kids in any kind of school.

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