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Freedom through teaching others self-reliance.
Our Core Belief

We firmly believe that every American family should strive to become Self-Reliant, enabling them to better weather the day-to-day disasters, catastrophes and hardships that we all experience.

Our Secondary Beliefs

We believe in Public Virtue and that communities should draw together through Preparedness and develop friendships, trust and loyalty within their neighborhood through discussing and developing support, evacuation and safety measures.

We believe that every family should have a personal storage of every needful thing in the event of a local disaster to enable them to help themselves, help their neighbors and help their community.

We believe in the “goodness of man” and that our responsibilities lay first to ourselves, second to our families and then to our neighbors and communities.

We believe that with proper preparation, disasters can be overcome on a personal, family, neighborhood and community level.

Our Mission

The Mission of the APN is:

“To bring knowledge and understanding of living a Self-Reliant lifestyle into the mainstream and teach it to every household in America.”

American household properly prepared for any negative or difficult event that may come in their lives that would cause the world as they know it to change.  This type of  event is most commonly on a personal level: the death of an immediate family member, an all consuming house fire, debilitating sickness or injury or a sudden devastating financial change such as losing a job.

These events also can and do occur on a  local community, state, region, national and world level.  They most commonly come in the form of natural or man-made disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, ice-storms, earthquakes and so on.  Less frequently and often less likely, they occur as a consequence of poor leadership, bad governmental decisions and poor policy.  These type of events can wreak havoc for anywhere from 24 hours to years on end.

We are adamant in our belief that any of these things can be overcome!  With proper preparation and “insurance”, we believe that humans have an amazing capacity to assess, adapt and overcome any obstacle that falls before them!  We created The American Preppers Network so that we could help teach others the skills, theories and tools of Self Reliance and Preparation.  We earnestly believe in every person’s ability to survive what may come – and come out on top!

We invite everyone to come join us on The Path of The Prepper: to question and learn from mentors, to study and practice together, to adapt and change through sharing progress, and to finally master and become an expert mentor to those who are beginning on the path!

What We Do

The American Preppers Network is not only a network or community of people working together towards a common educational goal, it is also a vast network of sites and services that is ever expanding to bring our members a breadth of information in a variety of formats and from multiple voices.

While we produce a large amount of content in multiple formats, we do not believe that we are the only authorities and we do not try to create an ‘island’ of content.  We not only believe in educating the world in Preparedness, we also believe strongly in promoting those who share our beliefs and actively promote them.

Please see the Official APN Media Guide for a list and links to all of our media resources and those of other Preppers we know and trust!

National Prepper Network

We actively create and provide content on a National level through the APN Blog and through the APN Forums.   The goal of the APN Blog is to provide information that we believe everyone in the country needs to read.  Readers are able and encouraged to comment and interact on the blog.  The goal of the APN Forums is to provide Preppers all over the country with a place to meet and discuss Preparedness topics and to share and learn Preparedness information.  We actively encourage everyone to participate in the forums and get to know other Preppers!

We also manage a Facebook Group for all Preppers on a National Level that we encourage you to join.

State Prepper Networks

One of our major goals is to provide Preppers with a way to come together with others in their area.  We encourage those who are interested to organize and host get-togethers for other Preppers in your local area.  To facilitate this, we provide many tools:

  • State Sub-Forums: on the APN Forum – there is a sub-forum for every state and you are encouraged to introduce yourself to your state network and get to know others in your area.
  • State blogs: We maintain a blog for every single state, you can find it by entering “State Name” into your browser for example: (note: we are in the process of changing these blogs over to this format.  If this doesn’t work, try using:
  • State Facebook Groups: We have Facebook groups for every state as well!  You can find your local state facebook group by searching on Facebook for “(State Name) Preppers Network”
  • State Newsletters: We maintain a newsletter for each state as well
All of our State Networks are run by volunteers – usually from the state – who are willing to be the moderator for that network.
Contact Information
Contact info
Phone, 1-888-838-9778


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