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Tomorrow 15:15 Rode Zaal #umcg DEMO Pure UMCG … Your new tool to manage your research output, profile & CV
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The new carpet arrived!
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Fumes! Ventilate very well, because most new carpet gives off formaldehyde and can cause neuro damage in unventilated spaces. 
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Sounds cool for a library... I juts started a Hangout party for people to join... A digital variation on the Walk-in session... 
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Searching Open Access Publications : identify you affiliation output

In order to increase the visibility of open access scientific and scholarly publications of the University Medical Center Groningen and thereby promoting their increased usage and impact, I am trying to create an automatically updating overview of OA publications of the UMCG, next to the beta WordPress blog that is being constructed to show all UMCG scientific publications
With the masive attention the Open Access "movement" in international publising and media, I expected to this to be an easy task.
But very quickly after trying to identify the resources to find these publications, it became clear that there are some serious difficulties. I won't go into details about the effects of publicing in OA or the impact factors of OA Journals, just making them visible.
Many resources and overviews focus heaviliy on journal titels and sets, instead of the actual publications.
Search opties are often limited, poor and it is not always possible to search for the publications. Search for affiliation details is dffficult or impossible.

And when you do find publications, it is not always possible to create an RSS, or even download or save records.
In platforms of publishers that offer certain Open Access packages it is not possible to identify or limit your search to specific Open Access publications.
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atUMCG Update : Top 25% tag:
The University Medical Center Groningen has introduced a mechanism to evaluate res...
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One of our members, the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) has number of Tenure Tracks available within the "Rosalind Franklin Fellowship programme".

The programme is primarily directed at women who have a PhD and aim for a career towards full professorship in a European top research university. They are invited to apply for tenure track positions.

Especially to promote the Medical and Life Sciences call, 3 videos have been put online, that feature current fellows. Here is one of them, check to see the others. 
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Spectacular flying carpet....
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The facade of the Research Lab of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), the Netherlands.
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A new study from the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands suggests that using prebiotic supplements to help correct abnormal gut microbiotia may help individuals battling with Type 1 Diabetes.
Could prebiotics or probiotics cure type 1 diabetes?
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From misfolded proteins to well-designed treatment-
Applied Spectral Imaging exhibiting at the XIII International Symposium on Amyloidosis, University Medical Center Groningen
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The Central Medical Library supports the three core activities of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG): patient care, education and research
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