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Max Hodges
I like making photos; Founder/Director White Rabbit, Tokyo
I like making photos; Founder/Director White Rabbit, Tokyo

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no offense if I deleted you from my circles. I'm deleting everyone because I figure its the easiest way to prune my list. I'll simply re-add the people I want to follow, rather they trying to decide who to remove one-by-one. Cheers!

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With each passing day (e.g. dead thugs rap again) I find Fredric Jameson's uncannily prescient cultural analysis in "Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism" increasingly relevant to the modern world. Jameson is perhaps our most important cultural theorist. The book is quite difficult but worth the read, and re-read. There are many articles and scholarly papers written about it too which can smooth the learning curve.

here's a short synopsis:

and here's a more lengthly interpretation by Ira Chernus:

Jumping into the sections in Chernus' paper entitled "Television" and "Commodity Culture" where she puts it all together.

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Dead Thugs Rap Again

This Tupac holographic performance is about reproduction and consumption of sheer commodification as a process. It's about digital reproduction technology itself, used to commodify emptied-out stylizations of dead celebrities.

Even death is no escape from the commodity fetishism of late capitalism.
And Coachella, which sells itself as an "environmentally sustainable" festival, is produced by AEG Live, a subsidiarity of Anschutz Entertainment Group, which belongs to the same private corporation in a legal battle to destroy the environment for oil and natural gas reserves

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excellent write-up on the White Rabbit Express buying service for Japanese goods

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Available for pre-order LIMITED-EDITION White Leica M9-P via White Rabbit Express

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site updated: new design and new photos from inside the Fukushima "off-limits" zone

What good? what's bad? feedback appreciated! Doesn't work on iPad or iPhone yet.


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outrageous! Nachtwey includes images of a completely unrelated physically disabled man in the context of a photo story on the Fukushima radiation disaster.

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what do you think?
fyi, the template for iPhone/iPad is not ready yet
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