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As a guy who loves stats, this man is my hero.

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Best solution yet to one of my biggest recurring problems
Ever lose your keys? Or wonder where something else is? Well, put a tag on it and you'll be able to find it with your iPhone. Here's how it works.

For keys, I guess it works except the tags are bulky and my keys are already bulky enough. For other things? I can't see using it, how about you?

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Great move with potential for major backfire. If it forces Facebook to integrate with Bing further, G+ may not be worth the effort.

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Finally found a query where Bing beats Google - hard to find video. Google mostly has YouTube but Bing crawls smaller sites.

New FB UI is a total F. It's like they fired all their UX experience guys and replaced them with over-caffeinated Ajax programmers.

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3D was a massive mistake. They should have created instead a 4GS with wireless support. My son played the 3ds for a few minutes before declaring that it hurt his eyes and promptly turned off the 3D feature. They would have been better building a iPod Touch like device with a higher resolution screen and all the bandwidth necessary. How about a music store with parent friendly music. DS comic books. And for all those who say Nintendo can innovate, their new console is just as poorly conceived. Honestly, their best route now is to get bought by either Google, MS or Apple.
Add Nintendo to the list of companies that Apple is just crushing.

It's amazing what the power of the ecosystem and inexpensive downloadable games can do to upset what was near a lock on the marketplace.

Looking forward to 6 hours of online conference meetings today.

Just had my first google hangout. It's a definite killer app and the key to Google+'s success. It has a long way to go - reach critical mass, 3rd party applications, badges on websites, etc.

The Google Stream is way too verbose. I can see at best 2 posts before scrolling.
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