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Spring is here; the daffodils are in full bloom it is a time of growth. Walking through Merrion Park, I passed a gardener and said: "What a lovely job you have at this period of the year, have you noticed the difference with people?" He replied, "There's a spring in their step". Oh, course it is spring the days are getting longer and it has been sunny and bright. For me, spring brings a change in my life. In the winter I have energy and enthusiasm, but I would describe myself at 98% functioning normally, I require 9 hours of sleep. Now I am sleeping for eight hours and wake up refreshed ready for a new day; there is a spring in my step.

I recently finished working at the Village Counselling Centre in Tallaght; I had trained there as a therapist. I had been held, supported and accepted as me. My journey at IICP involved a lot of hard work, tears and personal growth and now my life is unrecognisable from when I started. Now I provide that environment to clients who need to be held, supported and accepted for who they are. The greatest gift I received is not just to be able to listen to others but to myself. Listening to and knowing what you need is the greatest gift you can give yourself. I work from Monkstown Therapy Centre on a Monday evening and have appointments available and am also available during the day in Johnstown Therapy Centre, Sallynoggin. Feel free to contact me on 0834137998 for a free no-obligation chat
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International Women's Day 2017
I had the opportunity to attend as part of the business to business groups the "International Women’s Day 2017: Celebration, Connection and Inspiration for Women in Business in Dublin.” in the Davenport Hotel, over four hundred business women, were present and had a wrath of experience or were just starting out. Carolan Lennon, Emma Manley, Sarah O'Connor, Niamh Hogan, Joanne Hession, Carol Brick and Barbara Moynihan all spoke about their experience of being in business.

Carolan said how her organisation had a mental health awareness day this inspired me to mention suicide. Everyone knows someone who has died by suicide. A couple of years ago I completed a two-day workshop on Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). I worked for many years within health and social care, and there was always a person trained in First Aid who was able to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) indeed it would be unusual to go somewhere and not find someone trained. I suggested that ASIST should be like CPR available in all organisations. ASIST training is free two days are required to complete this training. For further information check out

Life is not always easy, but the messages articulated from the B2B Network are always keywords on a personal level. These are some of the messages I took away with me: -

"Follow your instincts and be true to yourself" Carol Brick. You are a unique human being and being yourself is the best you can be, none of us is perfect.

"Connection is what it is all about." Having friends in your life and role models helps us to feel supported. It is those connections that make life what it is. Regarding work-life balance "It’s not possible to have balance every day but to have it overall." Carolan Lennon. Self-care and having time for work, for relationships and fun is important you may not be able to obtain these every day but have them in your life overall.

"The 3Ps Passion persistence and patience needed for every successful business" Emma Manley. If you are passionate about your job, are persistent in what your want and have patience you will get there. Where will you be in six years?

"We need inspiration around us" Niamh Horgan. To be motivated we need inspiration, who inspires you?

I tweeted just before attending this event "Who is your role model? I’m off to meet them!" Carolan Lennon, Emma Manley, Sarah O'Connor, Niamh Hogan, Joanne Hession, Carol Brick and Barbara Moynihan thank you for being a role model to us all.
Mar 9, 2017
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Do you care for you as much as you do for others?

Do you care for yourself as much as you do for others? Caring for others is linked with gratitude in our life. Do you know that those who excel in caring for others are not very good at caring for themselves?

Self-care isn't easy it's an ongoing juggling act, particularly when we are busy, and most of us are busy these days. It seems the pace of life has increased. We all have different roles in life friend, wife, employee, parent, etc. However, if we do not put ourselves first how can we look after others? If the coffee cup is nearly empty, we can't get any more coffee.

Taking time for you is vital to self-care. So STOP take five minutes and think can it wait until tomorrow. We all have a choice in what we do.

#self-care #caring #juggling #pace #roles
Jan 17, 2017
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My article published January 2017 about my personal journey.
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Why I'm no longer SAD

In November I wrote an article to Southside News, an acquaintance mentioned how depression was being talked about everywhere, and I thought about how I have Seasonal Adjustment Depression and how my life has changed.

Today it was published. Although the days are now getting starting to get longer here in Dublin; Have you noticed how at 4 pm it is no longer as dark as it was before Christmas? It is that time of the year when we are perhaps reflective, and I am well aware that it may be a difficult period, for others, there is a sense of optimism - what will this year bring?

The article highlights my journey with Seasonal Adjustment Depression and how my life has changed since diagnosis. At the time a diagnosis was a welcome relief for me. As I read the printed article, I realised how now working as a counsellor/psychotherapist the dislike I have of hearing a diagnosis of ____. A diagnosis can be useful as it was for me. Sometimes a diagnosis can bring sadness and despair into our life. We are all unique human beings and not one of us can be pegged into a hole. A diagnosis can bring comfort as it did for me and it can carry stigma and shame.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to share your opinion with me.


#Southsidepeople #SAD #Seasonaladjustmentdepression #diagnosis
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Grainne Clancy has a degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. She offers a safe and supportive place to explore anything that is going on in your life. With a background in caring (from health care assistant to senior staff nurse), she works with you in therapy to look at any worries or situations you are not comfortable with, and how you may want to move on, what you, want in life. Her approach is person-centred, with a particular interest in self-compassion.
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