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James Longe

Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it
something you wish for. Happiness is
something you design. ~ Jim Rohn
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You have to be willing to withstand insults and
keep on moving. Darts may be thrown on every
side, but you’ve got to focus on your mission.
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A person who judges you wrongly is often
projecting out of their own perspective and
issues- don't let it get you down or stop you!
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If someone wants you, nothing can keep
them away! If they don't, nothing can make
them stay! Go where you are celebrated and
not tolerated!
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Instead of running from what you "don't want"
walk with commitment toward what you desire.
Focus on where you are going rather than being
obsessed with where you have been. The
difference between the two is energy.
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Small deeds done are better than great
deeds planned. ~ Peter Marshall.
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" The Problems Of This World Can
Not Possibly Be Solved
By Skeptics or Cynics Whose
Horizons are Limited
By The Obvious Realities... We
Need Men Who Can
Dream of Things That Never Were
Done Before... "
- John F. Kennedy -
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Forgiveness is an ultimate act of
love. It is not the act of "forgetting"
an incident or upset. It is the
remembering and the choice to
"give away" the hurt we have
attached to the experience .
Forgiveness is the living of love or
the application of love to our lives.
It is remembering that we are
capable of loving our- selves and
others in a greater way.
The Law of Forgiveness states that
certain ideas must be dissolved and
cleared from the mind in order that
other new ideas of a different
character may replace them.
Through forgiveness, we create new
realities that allow us to experience
greater love and freedom.
Forgiveness sets the stage for a
new act in our lives to begin.
Holding on to judg- ments about
experiences and people keeps us in
When we allow ourselves the
experience of forgiveness, we turn
the key to open the cell of
humanness and release the divinity
that resides in us and in others,
and allow that divinity to reign.
1. Forgiveness starts in our own
hearts. Only when we have forgiven
ourselves can we give it to others.
2. Forgiveness is not condi-tional,
even though our practice of it often
3. Forgiveness is an ongoing
process. It continues in response to
every judgment we make about
4. Every gesture of forgiveness is
sufficient. Whatever we are able to
do now is enough. This
understanding enables us to
practice forgiveness with
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" The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In
Every Opportunity...
The Optimist Sees an
Opportunity In Every Difficulty... "
~ Sir Winston
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There some things success is not,
It is not fame; it is not money or power
Success is waking up in the morning,
So excited about what you have to do,
That makes you literally fly out the door,
It is getting to work with people you love.
Success is connecting with the World,
And making people feel.
It is finding a way to bind together people,
Who have nothing in common but a dream.
It is falling asleep at night knowing,
You did the best job you could.
Success is joy and freedom and friendship.
But above all, success is love.
Don’t be afraid to succeed and remember,
“Most failures in Life are those who never realized
how close they were to success before they gave
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