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BxA Gaming, we're more then an organization, we're a family.
BxA Gaming, we're more then an organization, we're a family.

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We're excited to welcome our newest team to the org. Please welcome & follow @IFragment, @BxA_Alternate, @xVionate,&@rK_ezy. They will be competing in Call of Duty under the team name BxA eSports. #BxAFam

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Our team apparel store is now available on Custom Config's website. Visit: Use code: BxA

A message from BxA Gaming's Co-Owner - BxA Jade:
  I would like to welcome all of the new captains, co-captains, and members to BxA Gaming. As co-owner of the organization I am so extremely excited about our growth and the potential for great things that I see among all of our players and teams. BxA Gaming is only going to grow from here. I welcome all of you to the family. I look forward to gaming with everyone and seeing everyone at future events. ‪#‎BxAFam‬

Please welcome BxA Gravity,@BxA_Gravity to the family. He will be competing in COD for BxA Red

Also our Halo team BxA SideFx is pleased to welcome @guardside to the ‪#‎BxAFam‬.

Please welcome our PS4 COD Team BxA Squaa - Captain:@BxAWigglez(xbl tag: BxA Wigglez, PSN ID: BxAWigglez), Co-Captain:@BxA_Volar& Team Members:@ReverbMVP&@Ulter_a.

Please welcome @BxASilvio as BxA Black COD Captain. Also welcome Co-Captain @Louieeyo& Team Members:@BxADanL&@MutinyXian to the ‪#‎BxAFam‬

Please welcome @BxA_All_Father, xbl tag: BxA AllFather, as the Captain of our Xbox One Smite Team BxA Fab Five. Also welcome @BxATermin8er as Co-Capt &@BxA_El_Rey.

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Check out BxA Jaeger's newest YouTube video:  it's just a small taste of what BxA does in Gears of War UE

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Excited to announce that we're now sponsored by Custom Config. Team store coming soon. If you needs jerseys or apparel contact Custom Config at:
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