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Well, the field of medicine, one which is always changing and growth, is getting a few upgrades. And if that doesn't spark your interest, maybe the discovery of moving, invisible plasma tubes above your head will?
Check it all out in the links below!

A new DNA-based blood test can determine every virus a person has ever had from a drop of blood

Researchers succeed in recording a binary code on a synthetic polymer, paving the way for development of molecular barcodes in the near future

An Australian scientist discovers that giant, invisible, moving plasma tubes fill the skies above Earth

RA new method uses CRISPR to contain runaway GMOs by erasing its genetic information and destroying the organism

Researchers develop a transplantable bioengineered mouse forelimb with functioning muscles, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and nerves

Stanford scientists perfect a technique for growing miniature balls of cortical tissue — the key working tissue in the human brain — in a dish

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Big Fun Man Time and UFC

Know it kind of late, but I just discovered heroes on Netflix. I must say this show is amazing.

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had no idea this stuff was so detailed. really love how it's free

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