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Wes Dicken
Husband. Father. Kindergarten teacher.
Husband. Father. Kindergarten teacher.

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ClassDojo Now Allows You To Share Your "Class Story"
In education, the discussion about the social media presence of the school, teachers and staff is a tough one to have. Student privacy is no joke, and pictures or information on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can reach A LOT of people in a very short amoun...

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Letter Practice, Fine Motor Skills and Concentric Circles
I think that five and six-year-olds have a strange desire to destroy's the same desire that makes them want to tear paper into small pieces. As you know, taking things apart and tearing things apart can greatly help the development of a small ch...

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Back In Business
Wow. It has been quite awhile. In kindergarten terms, it has been quite literally forever since my last blog post. There is a reason, though. I moved. My new teaching home...John Rex Elementary, nestled right in the middle of downtown OKC. I could bore you ...


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This Blog Just Ate My Robots
I write this post with a sore right arm from throwing playground balls and soccer balls around a gym. At indoor recess (for the bazillionth time this winter) I found that the kids loved chasing balls that I threw. I just threw them. They would retrieve them...

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Talkin' about robots, new #iPad apps, #EdTech and new #KidLit on the blog this week.

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Smells Like Teen Numbers (KidLit and EdTech, Too)
This week in kindergarten-land was a crazy one. Between me being out a good portion of the week with sick kids, and all of our two-hour delays, it was hard to find any consistency, but we still managed to have a lot of fun learning. Math this week was all a...

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Here is some technology that I've been using in my kindergarten classroom lately. Check it out!
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