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thank you for your gig at #kufsteinunlimited2015
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Shaggy, uno de los co-fundadores de The Pirate Bay, cubre su oficina con papel aluminio, según él dice que esto asegura que sus computadoras no sean detectadas por frecuencias electromagnéticas. 
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Christian Knörnschild

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Project Soli by Google, Its like Jarvis from IronMan, Check it out and be wowed!
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Christian Knörnschild

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looks nice, will give it a try, for now saving it to #womdbookmarks  
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Kaspersky Labs were infected by a state-level actor, and reported many details. "The Duqu 2.0 malware platform was designed in a way that survives almost exclusively in memory of the infected systems, without need for persistence. To achieve this, the attackers infect servers with high uptime and then re-infect any machines in the domain that get disinfected by reboots. Surviving exclusively in memory while running kernel level code through exploits is a testimony to the technical prowess of the group. In essence, the attackers were confident enough they can survive within an entire network of compromised computers without relying on any persistence mechanism at all. "
More details:
via +Graham Cluley 
via +Alexandre Keledjian 
Often times it's not the fact that your business has been hacked that will lose your customers' confidence, but the way your company responds.
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Christian Knörnschild

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Sin palabras con lo que esta ocurriendo en este momento en Quaragosh ciudad cristiana de Irak...sin hablar lo que también sucede en otros lugares como Gaza..África y resto del mundo en igual o menos violencia... sea religiosa..política...racial o económica.... lamentablemente las oraciones no van a hacer nada por ellos... ni la lastima de nosotros ante las injusticias que muchos a diario viven en el mundo entero por culpa de los fanáticos religiosos y regímenes políticos...cuando dejamos de razonar para seguir dogmas equivocados en contra de las libertades universales de todos obtenemos este resultado... no podemos como combatir la intolerancia con mas intolerancia.... difícilmente tendremos paz verdadera entre los seres humanos si ni siquiera tenemos claro lo que significa la libertad y estamos es acostumbrados al libertinaje 
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various IT, programming, organizing, optimizing
Linux, / windows, administration, programming c#, php, scripting, javascript, jquery , analyzing, taking responsibility, bringing things to an end, teamplayer, frontman
  • Hepf Modellbau
    Webdeveloper / Administrator, 2012 - present
    webshop / e-commerce solutions in php. mysql, javascript, jquery, administration internal computersystems Linux / Windows. Refactoring internal workflows, creation of interfaces / optimizing workflows
  • Simulationstechnid GmbH
    Database Development, 2001 - 2009
    3D database development team, GIS - sourcedata preparation, integration / extension of internal Tools, workflow optimisation, qualitycontrol, training of coworkers, systemadministration, scripting
  • independently
    Programmer, 2009 - 2011
    system administration linux / windows, programming, creation of tools using, php, mysql, c# .net , sql, entity-framework
  • Mastersoft Sofware Solutions
    junior softwaredeveloper C#, 2011 - 2012
    .Net Winforms applications, mvc3 web applications, ecommerce applications,
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