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Work for a software company

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Sky putting some effort today. Clip is from Middlewich 

Well here goes IOS 6 coming up !

Going to post this on Here

My Wife who is a Nurse and has been for some 19 years today went for a sisters post (Band 6 in the UK) The post was for the ward that she is currently working on and has been for Five years.

She has raised my two children and now that they are aged 14 & 9 we have decided now is that time to go and get the 6.

Now I believe that three other Nurses went for the JOB. Two of the nurses who work on the same ward and One from another ward.

Now the two Nurses she works with, One has only been a nurse for two years and does not have any way near the experience my wife has. And the other one is a waste of space.

So the interview system here is a pile of Crap, and here is why.

Basically all you have to do is swat up on what you think they are going to ask you. Because they score points for your answers.

I have just spoken to her and they said it was down to you and another needless to say she did not get the job.

So my point is this. Based on the points system I reckon that I could have got a good score and possibly got the Job

In my honest opinion this is why the NHS is going to the Dogs 

There feel better now I have that of my chest

Damn Bill Compton needs to take a shower. But i have to say i perfer lilith, but again she would have to also shower. LOL Good episode Slow to start this series but ended well. What do you all Think ?
Waiting for The Walking Dead to start now

Good morning Dads, I have just had a bacon butty and a coffee in bed thanks to my two beutiful daughters Happy Fathers day Dads

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Well they say that the UK weather is now to change over the next few days. I like the sun please come out to play tomorrow.

I hate being a diabetic I have type 2 and my Levels are generally up and down. Who else has diabetes. I might create a circle so we can all moan and help each other.

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