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Angel Yau
I get bored and hungry easily.
I get bored and hungry easily.

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Lost and Found Show, Wallets & Purses @ Happy Ending 4/18/2013
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I was just wondering how to spell areola... I wasn't googling areola reconstruction, I swear!

I made a mistake on this thing already. Can I start over on another social networking site?

I just understood the brilliance of the name Vertical Horizon!

Isn't a relief when no one's birthday show up on the side of your facebook homepage? Or at least no one you like... SAVE THOSE WALL POSTS!

I don't know about you but at midnight I'm going to re-install my HP ink jet printer.

I'm pooping right now so don't google hang out with me guys! I hate pooping and hanging out...

Is anyone an expert on Friendship??? If so, I have a quest for you!
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