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time as a commodity of exchange
Contributed by Dagoberto Chavez, grad student in my social strat class. This is a short clip from the science fiction movie "In Time". It takes place sometime in the future when nobody ages past 25 and is compelled to pay to continue living in the form of t...

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The Negotiation of Status While Dining on The Titanic
This post was contributed by UTSA Political Science graduate student, Dagoberto Chavez. The dinner scene from James Cameron’s Titanic well symbolizes the negotiated nature of prestige in the context of social interaction. Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) ...

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moving out of poverty by changing location
This post was contributed by Dayna Moelleken, a
student in my undergraduate social stratification class . The term
"American Dream" relates to the assumption that every American can achieve success and prosperity through initiative, determination,
and hard ...

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inequality and death: Increasing disparities
This post was written by Timothy Haverda, UTSA sociology major. Recently, the New York Times ran an article by Neil Irwin and Quoctrung Bui, "The Rich Love Longer Everywhere. For the Poor, Geography Matters." In the article, CDC Director Thomas Frieden note...

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most Americans believe that the game is rigged
About 2 of 3 Americans report that the economic is indeed biased in favor of the rich and powerful. recent PEW Report poll found that 65% of respondents in a national survey "unfairly favors powerful interests." Not surprisingly, those who are least apt to ...

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"You can't handle the truth!"
Benito Almaguer is a student in this semester's introduction to sociology course.  "A Few Good Men"  well illustrates  the completely authoritarian hierarchy embodied in  the U,S, Marine Corps.  Sociological concepts relevant to military socialization and m...

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Target goes gender-neutral and customers respond
This post was written by Sanah Jivani, introductory sociology student, and recently appeared in The Sociological  Cinema .    This local newscast covers a recent Target store's removal of the "boys" and "girls"  sections  to go gender-neutral. They note the...

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why the hell am I watching Below Deck?
Written by Todd Schoepflin and originally appearing in Creative Sociology . Below Deck  is a show on Bravo   that my wife and I watch together. I've been  asking myself why I watch this show. I think I have answers. For one, it's about money and social clas...

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a man in the park
Kim Aronson, a Bay Area videographer, has a special talent for telling simple, yet poignant stories drawn from peoples' biographies. Here he interviews a stranger on a park bench who talks about his experience with the police and the legal system that has c...
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